Augmented future beyond just mobiles

Few days back I wrote about Augmented Reality (AR) and how it was being used by various brands in their campaigns.

Today I have come across some exciting examples of Augmented Reality which have little to do with mobile location awareness! These implementations give a whole new dimension to what more can be done in this field.

Eye Pet

The Eye Pet is a virtual critter that users can interact with through a webcam and is currently expected to be released for the Sony PS3 game system soon.


Sony PS3 Version with 3D menus:

AR Sketch

Hand sketching is used here as a natural way for creating Augmented Reality mechanical experiments. The user can sketch experiments and watch them simulated in 3D.

AR on natural shapes uses a real time shape recognition and pose estimation system.

So get ready for a future that is going to be all about ready to browse and interact with data on top of the physical world, through webcams, mobile phones and AR glasses.

A future where such experiences are mainstream is fast approaching. 😎