Jeep Puzzle for Twitter

Leo Burnett Iberia is running “Jeep Puzzle”, a first of it’s kind online action that turns the microblogging platform Twitter into a real playground.

The competition invites users to complete puzzles using several different images from Twitter profiles. Each puzzle represents landscapes which only Jeep can access. Users who complete any of the puzzles can win prizes including T-shirts with the exclusive Jeep Icon design.

Leo Burnett Iberia created more than 371 Twitter profiles in order to include all the puzzles and their pieces. Ten main Twitter profiles each follow 36 profiles! They are @waterfallpuzzle, @beachpuzzle, @desertpuzzle, @mountainspuzzle, @icebergpuzzle, @forestpuzzle, @snowpuzzle, @volcanopuzzle, @rockspuzzle and @cavepuzzle.