Yellow Chocolate

The Yellow Pages Yellow Chocolate campaign in New Zealand has been recognised with a Gold Titanium/Integrated award, a Gold Media Lion, and a Bronze Cyber Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2010.

The campaign began in August 2009 with a call for video entries for a mysterious quest of ambition. 28 year old surfer and actor Josh Winger was chosen to design, market and distribute a chocolate bar that tastes like the colour yellow, and to use only companies listed in the Yellow books, both online and mobile, in the process.

So Josh proved Yellow can help an ordinary bloke get an extraordinary job done. His was the fastest selling chocolate bar in New Zealand in ten years. People were paying $2 for what was actually a piece of direct marketing. Supermarkets were sold out and the bars were traded online for up to $320. There were 80,000 followers online, 16,000 Facebook fans, 800 Twitter followers. It was the most talked-about campaign in New Zealand with 61% recall and 27% of people talking about it in everyday conversations. Online usage grew by 9%.