Foxtel Alert Shirt

In September 2012, London fashion house CuteCircuit launched a wearable, sharable, programmable tshirt. Then in 2013, Durex Australia unveiled their wearable electronic underwear that allowed touch to be transferred over the internet. Now joining this growing trend of wearable electronic clothing is the Alert Shirt from Australian telecommunications company Foxtel.

Loyal Foxtel customers can now use this special shirt to experience in real time some of the physical sensations their favorite rugby players have on the field i.e.

  • Pressure: A thumping heartbeat
  • Impact: The shock of a big hit
  • Adrenalin: An intense rush of blood
  • Exhaustion: Lungs burning with effort
  • Despair: A sudden sinking feeling

The data is transmitted via Bluetooth from a smartphone app, and the shirt is powered by a lithium polymer cell battery.