Coca-Cola Happiness Machine #ReasonsToBelieve

Coca-Cola is at it again, this time unleashing happiness in Sweden. A special Coke machine was put at a bus stop to spread some summer happiness in the middle of the cold and dark Nordic winter. The results… Click here to see other Coca-Cola Happiness campaigns from around the world.

Automated Thanking Machine

Start with the smile of your audience, and then work back from there. That is the key to most of the successful marketing campaigns. Coca-Cola has done a great job with their various happiness campaigns, followed by WestJet’s christmas campaign where they surprised their passengers with gifts. Now TD Canada Trust for their “TD Thanks … Continue reading Automated Thanking Machine

The Invisible Vending Machine

Since the time I started writing this blog, I have come across many innovative vending machines. Some I featured right here on Ramble and the others I bookmarked on YouTube. Now to add to this collection, here is an invisible vending machine from Coca-Cola Turkey that becomes visible only when couples walk by. The machine … Continue reading The Invisible Vending Machine

The Sing For Me Machine

As part of its global “Open Happiness” campaign, Coca-Cola has set up interactive vending machines in various parts of the world. In Singapore the consumers could hug for a Coke, in Korea they could dance for a Coke… and now in Stockholm they can sing for a Coke. 🙂 The vending machine has been placed … Continue reading The Sing For Me Machine

Coke Happiness Refill

For teens, happiness is being connected. Using this insight Coca-Cola in Brazil created a beachfront store on the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro where a never seen before soda machine was installed. Using an exclusive Coca-Cola mobile browser, young emerging middle-class consumers who love their mobile phones but cannot afford a generous data plan … Continue reading Coke Happiness Refill

The Hug Me Machine

As part of its global “Open Happiness” campaign, Coca-Cola has set up a vending machine at the National University of Singapore that doesn’t take coins or any other cash…only hugs! For every public display of machine love, the Coca-Cola “Hug Me” machine gifts the person a free can of Coca-Cola… The machine is one of … Continue reading The Hug Me Machine

Coca Cola Friendship Machine

The game of vending machine one-upsmanship between Coca-Cola and PepsiCo continues with Coke’s “Friendship Machine”. To celebrate International Friendship Day last August, Coca-Cola in Argentina planted machines that appear to be about 12 feet tall and require that you ask a buddy for a boost to use it. As a reward the Coke machine dispensed … Continue reading Coca Cola Friendship Machine

Happiness strikes in Rio de Janeiro

Coca-Cola, whose Happiness Machine video was a runaway hit for the brand last year with 3 million views, is back with a sequel that offers more of an international flavor. “Happiness Truck” takes place in Rio de Janeiro and is a twist on the original idea, which showed a Coke machine that spit out free … Continue reading Happiness strikes in Rio de Janeiro