Coca-Cola Light: The Return of Love

In 2009 Coca-Cola Light was taken out of the Brazilian market. But even after its five year absence, 99% of the Brazilians still had the brand in their minds. So for their 2014 relaunch they identified 150 influencers that were also real Coca-Cola Light lovers. Then a special handmade suitcase was delivered to each one of them. The suitcase contained a personal letter with the relaunch news and a ritual to send the Coca-Cola Light cans to special friends with their names handwritten on it. The results…


The Office Turntable

Demo CD’s created by music labels are often treated like spam. So to promote the new track from DJ Boris Dlugosch, Kontor Records in Germany decided to send out an orange vinyl along with a 2D turntable as part of the direct mailing.

The people who received the mailing activated the turntable by scanning the QR code on it. This simple action enabled the missing piece of the turntable on the users smartphone which allowed them to play the music. The mailing was a huge success as 71% of the 900 turntable QR codes were activated.


Billboard On Hold Jam Session

Billboard Magazine features the best of pop music and entertainment in Brazil, and according to them waiting on hold is one the most boring music moments ever. So their ad agency AlmapBBDO created the “On Hold Jam Session” that made the moment into a fun interactive experience and showed the magazine’s concept of music and entertainment.

To make the magazine subscribers aware of this new on hold feature, they sent direct mails explaining how one could jam along with their phone buttons when they were put on hold at Billboard Magazine.


The Bluemotion Label

77% of magazines along with their ads end up in the trash. This is a huge waste of paper. So when Volkswagen wanted to create a campaign to promote the eco-conscious thinking behind its BlueMotion vehicles, their ad agency Ogilvy developed a print insert that got the people of Cape Town to recycle the magazines via the cities post boxes!


Austria Solar Annual Report 2011

Solar energy is the key area of business for Vienna based Austria Solar. Their ad agency Serviceplan was given the task to develop a surprising and attention grabbing annual report that not only puts solar energy to paper, but also positions Austria Solar as a consistently innovative industry organization in the Austrian solar sector.

So a special printing process was used that allowed the content of the individual pages only to become visible when sunlight fell on it! 😎 The finished report was then wrapped in a light-proof foil and sent to the members of the Austrian solar organization along with various representatives from business and politics.