Clutter breaking business cards!

Here are some business cards that due to their unique nature will make your jaws drop…

1) Broke Bike Alley Card 1

Got a flat tire? Wish you were closer to your friendly neighbourhood bike shop? Well, if that shop is Broke Bike Alley and you’ve got their business card, then what you’ve got there is a handy dandy tire patch!

2) Broke Bike Alley Card 2

Broke Bike Alley’s business cards help you help your bike. The follow-up to their tire patch business card, this card cum tool fits in your wallet and lets you adjust your bolts and spokes. And open your beer!

3) Dr. Kiprov’s cosmetic surgery

Via the use of two rubber inserts, this business card shows the effect Dr. Kiprov’s cosmetic surgery can have!

4) Sandra Martins Makeup

Rather than a conventional business card to offer the makeup services to the customer, a special stamp was created that simulates a lipstick mark. The stamp may be applied to any material, such as napkins, paper sheets, tissues etc.

5) TAM Cargo

Transforming the traditional business card into a funny and unusual object…a little box of transporting cargo.

6) MODhair Musical comb

MODhair is the Rome Rock ‘n Roll hair salon. They needed a groovy businesscard. This comb plays a classic rock theme when rubbed by fingernail, using the same principle of a musicbox comb.

7) Norburn Model Aircraft Supply

Specializing in model and radio controlled aircrafts for over 40 years, Norburn Model Aircraft Supply provides enthusiasts with the widest and best selection in British Columbia. Creating a unique business card, they printed and laser die cut balsa wood to form a small glider that was functional once assembled.

You can also watch the video of assembly…

New Age Business Cards Part 2

In part 1 we had seen simple business cards being integrated with Microsoft Surface to give more details about the person / company. The major restriction here was that the extra information could only be seen using Microsoft Surface which is not yet commonly found.

But now similar information can be shared with the use of augmented reality and all you need is a web cam. 😎 Here are some cool examples…

How to design your own Augmented Reality business card?

For those who have limited budgets for customized AR business card…you can make do with which lets you download a black-bordered “marker” to add onto your business card, which a webcam then uses to recognize your card and display simple AR features such as links to your contact information and social media profiles, as demonstrated in this brief clip…

New age business cards Part 1

Ever wondered what your co-worker did last weekend? Amnesia Razorfish in Australia made it easy to find out with a Microsoft Surface staff directory application.

The application uses Surface tags printed on all Amnesia Razorfish business cards to show extra information about employees such as blog posts, tweets and Flickr photos.

With business cards like these…I don’t see why the clients would not be jumping to work with them. 🙂