Drew vs Drew

Actor Drew Carey says he’ll donate $1 million towards cancer research for the Twitter address @drew from blogger Drew Olanoff if he gets the same amount of followers @DrewFromTV by midnight on December 31.


Of course, if he doesn’t reach a million followers, the donation will be prorated: If there are 500,000 followers when the clock strikes midnight, then $500,000 will be given to LiveStrong.

“There are obviously going to be skeptics, but Drew Carey is new to Twitter. Celebrities can get followers; Ashton Kutcher has 3 million,” Olanoff told CNN. “What he’s saying is, ‘Follow me; you’re worth a dollar, and it’s going to LiveStrong.’ ”

Update: 16 Oct 2009
Drew Olanoff has built a website, located at milliondollardrew.com, to promote the campaign. Visually, it’s somewhat similar to the old Million Dollar Homepage, only instead of tiny pixelated images, it consists of Twitter images.