Shop and pay with your fingerprint

Put your finger on the Home button, and your iPhone unlocks itself. This was made possible last year when Apple introduced the TouchID, a new fingerprint identity sensor built into the iPhone 5S (this year to be launched across other iDevices).

Since then the TouchID has also been used to allow users to approve purchases from the iTunes Store, the App Store, and the iBooks Store. Now Samsung and PayPal have teamed up to allow Galaxy S5 users to purchase items in retail outlets with a simple scan of their fingerprint…

First Look of iPhone 5S with Jimmy Kimmel

In September last year Jimmy Kimmel pranked people on the streets of America with a chance to test the iPhone 5…which actually was just an iPhone 4S.

Now following the announcement of the iPhone 5S, he once again set out to prove that still most people in America can’t tell the difference between an old and new iPhone. 😆

Unsuspecting people on Hollywood Boulevard were shown an iPad mini and were told that this was the new iPhone 5S. The results…