Exito Flossbook

Over the last year or so I have seen numerous brands use the basic website functionalities of Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to reach out and engage with their audiences.

In this latest example, Sancho BBDO from Colombia created a “banner” that efficiently promoted Exito dental floss by taking advantage of the Facebook timeline. In the below case video one can actually see how the banner acted like a dental floss and got between the pictures of food being posted on the various restaurant fan pages. 😎

As a result the Exito website received 30% more traffic and the banner received more than 200,000 likes on the various restaurant Fan Pages.

The Facebook Cover Motion

Brands using basic social website functionality to preview commercials seem to be the rage of the month. In this latest commercial, outdoor brand Quechua has leveraged the Facebook Timeline to promote its 2 sec tent.

To successfully view the commercial, you need to load the different images composing the ad by scrolling down their experimental timeline. Once at the bottom, press the shift and space (to scroll up) buttons to see the animation.

I however found it easier to just visit the Facebook photo album, open the first photo and then just keep the right arrow button pressed to view the commercial in Flipbook mode.