Esquire’s Augmented Reality Issue

Print might be in trouble, but Esquire magazine won’t be going gently into that good night. Here is a peak into Esquire’s December issue featuring augmented reality. The issue is now available, and readers that have it can head to Esquire’s website to check out the special augmented reality features.

Esquire’s Augmented Reality Issue

The the magazine features augmented reality pages such as the above that will come alive when displayed in front of a webcam.

For those who wont be able to get their hands on the issue, can see this video for more on what all you can do with the magazine and your computer…

I don’t know if this will help print save itself, but regular use of AR in print will definetly push users to buy the print edition of a magazine, especially when the content on the other end is something unique and exclusive.

Augmented Reality will be second only to voice

10 years back the Internet was the big upcoming thing and everyone was scrambling to make web sites…then last year thanks to the iPhone, mobile got the much needed push and this has now made it the next big thing for the coming decade. 🙂

Google, Apple, Nokia, Samsung…are going all out to build the best phones and this in turn is facilitating a rapid evolution of Augmented Reality…just the same way we saw Social Media evolve out of the Internet.

So here comes the future…

— The first mobile AR browser that premiered in the Netherlands this June 2009

— AR is also starting to be used with print…Esquire Magazine is offering some AR-enhanced ads in this December issue.

Adobe’s marketing chief Ann Lewnes said at the recent MIXX conference that Augmented Reality could become the direct mail of the 21st Century, by tying a physical mailing to a Web experience when someone holds a page up to her computer’s camera.