Ikea Klippbok

Ikea Australia wanted to create a utility that Ikea customers could regularly use to help inspire them in their home. So they created an iPad app called Klippbok (Swedish for “scrapbook”) that gave users access to Ikea products all year round. With easy-to-use design functionality, users were able to mix-n-match Ikea products and create collages, swatchbooks, roomsets and more…

Give it a try by downloading the app from iTunes.


Catch The Swedish Light

Summer is usually somewhat of a slow period for Ikea in Belgium and Ikea wanted to change that. Instead of traditional advertising with Ikea’s summer offers, they created an interactive YouTube game where the audience, by viewing 48 different ads, was challenged to catch the Swedish light. As one can’t do ‘frame-by-frame’ on YouTube, people had to pause the spot in the exact right moment when the light hit a product. In that unique frame, a yellow code would appear in the top right corner. The first person to validate the code on the summer microsite, would win the product instantly.