The Brightest Online Ad

Publicis Germany to promote Lupine’s bike lighting system created a unique promotion with BIKE Online Magazine.

Subscribers of BIKE could only read their magazine if they turned on the Lupine Bike Lamp. This tweak to the magazine gave 100% attention to Lupine. Readers who shared the idea in their social networks automatically distributed a link to a sneak preview of the magazine where the Lupine Lamp illuminated only a small part of the magazine. To read the whole magazine users were asked to order a trial subscription.


Ikea Klippbok

Ikea Australia wanted to create a utility that Ikea customers could regularly use to help inspire them in their home. So they created an iPad app called Klippbok (Swedish for “scrapbook”) that gave users access to Ikea products all year round. With easy-to-use design functionality, users were able to mix-n-match Ikea products and create collages, swatchbooks, roomsets and more…

Give it a try by downloading the app from iTunes.


Augmented Reality in 2013

With smartphones and tablets becoming part of our everyday life, we will also see more Augmented Reality apps mixing the virtual and the real world in 2013. Here are some examples from ARworks that recently caught my eye…

Audi Singapore Showroom app

For the opening of their biggest showroom in South-East Asia, Audi created AR experiences that allowed visitors to fly around the showroom building without actually boarding a plane or drive the Audi R18 race car around Singapore at full speed without the risk of getting a ticket. Whats more, they even allowed visitors to personalize their individual license plates and then take photos with the car.

Dakar race in a shopping mall

A real Dakar desert racecourse was built for the new Opel Mokka on a 4mtrs long table that was placed in a shopping mall. Visitors could use the provided iPad’s to race against time and each other. The results were then shared on Facebook and the weekly and overall winners received various prizes.

Christmas Ornament Sling

Deutsche Telekom for their Christmas promotion developed an iPad app where visitors could throw virtual Christmas ornaments containing their personal message onto a huge Christmas tree erected in a mall. A successful hit to one of the real ornaments on the tree, lighted it up through an integrated server application.


Live Human Outdoor

With the new Samsung Note 10.1, caricature artists can now go digital. To highlight this feature and also raise awareness about the tablet, Samsung put a real caricature artist digitally into their billboard and then had him draw live caricatures of passers-by. The finished drawings were then put on the Samsung Portugal Facebook page.


Creature Greeter

How do you keep visitors waiting at your office reception busy? Art house ‘Creature of London’ had an idea of an avatar based check-in app that would keep visitors occupied for 2-3 minutes each time they arrived at their office.

Visitors were paired with a creature through facial recognition and on a repeat visit the app would automatically recognize the visitor while offering them a playful choice of reasons for checking-in to the office.

Digital screens placed throughout the building also allowed the released creatures to roam free and interact with each other in an environment that matched the local weather and time of day.

To complete the experience, visitors also received a ticket receipt representing their check-in. After collecting 5 receipts, visitors could exchange them for a jar of Creature’s home made honey.


The world’s most interactive print ad

On a number of occasions I have featured examples of brands creating interactive print ads. In this latest example, the new Lexus 2013 ES is seen changing colors, turning on its headlights and exposing its interiors while music plays in this interactive print ad for the October 15th Sports Illustrated issue.



Not too long ago, talent determined greatness. Today, talent is a given, but training is what separates the exceptional from the merely promising. So to help athletes everywhere reach their true potential through better training, Nike along with ad agency R/GA New York created an immersive digital experience for the SPARQ program (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, and Quickness). Athletes could now follow the same training regimens as professional athletes through detailed, customized video demonstrations delivered via iPods or handheld video players that made it accessible anywhere. The SPARQ website also let athletes set goals, track progress, find Nike SPARQ Trainers across the country, get an official SPARQ rating, and purchase gear.


Interactive iPad ad for VGT

VGT (an association combating animal factories) in collaboration with Austrian ad agency Demner Merlicek & Bergmann, created an iAd for the iPad version of DATUM magazine.

In the iAd you could see a young lady wearing a fur coat. When the iPad user would want to continue browsing by making the finger-wipe movement he would find that every finger-wipe would leave behind blood stains on the fur. The more he tried, the more blood would appear.


Renault Espace

The Renault Espace is a large MPV from French car-maker Renault. With their new iPad app they have given users an onboard view of the Espace like never before.

The application is a 360 degree interactive video, where all the user needs to do is tilt their iPad and explore all the angles as if they were right there.


TweetMag for iPad

TweetMag is kind of like Flipboard. The difference being that TweetMag uses only your Twitter account to create simple magazines. Even though it’s not the first of its kind in the market, it definitely looks great, provides a friendly user experience with a few extra features and has a neat way of categorizing your feed magazines (by things like #tag, lists etc).

For more you can also check out their site.