H&M Home Gift Guide enables Voice Shopping

Voice computing is opening new possibilities for the retail industry, especially to inspire and interact with customers. So, this holiday season (2018), H&M decided to take the lead when it comes to shaping the voice commerce of the future and to have their customers be part of the journey.

H&M in USA launched the H&M HOME Gift Guide – an easy to use voice application filled with inspiration and ideas for different holiday gifts for anyone’s home available via the Google Assistant on all smartphones and Google Home smart devices. To activate the H&M HOME Gift Guide, users had to simply ask for H&M HOME from their Google Assistant and then easily browse through the H&M assortment to find the most suitable gift. The voice application also offered easy payment through voice.

H&M HOME initially announced the creation of a voice application, called H&M HOME Stylist, in June 2018. At that time, H&M said the voice stylist offered personal styling suggestions, mood boards and inspiration for every room in the home.

Hence the H&M Home Gift Guide is just a revamped version of H&M Stylist, prepped with Holiday themed products.

MTV Under the Thumb

The Under The Thumb mobile application is a ground-breaking new interactive platform for MTV that redefines how entertainment is seen and shared by the digital teenagers of Europe in several ways.

When out and about, the best MTV shows both past and present can be streamed onto mobile devices on demand for the first time. When at home, the app becomes a remote control which can be paired with a PC, laptop or connected TV for an immersive dual screen experience. And when you’re feeling social, the app syncs your viewing with friends so you can watch shows and chat together in real time, no matter where you are.

The app was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and by the end of the conference news of Under The Thumb app had reached over five million tech and TV enthusiasts, generating a download a minute of the app on both iTunes and Google Play stores before MTV’s supporting advertising campaign had even launched.

For more visit www.mtvunderthethumb.com

Heineken Star Player

Over a billion people worldwide watch the UEFA Champions League, out of which 70% watch it at home. So Heineken, in conjunction with agency AKQA created the Heineken Star Player, an app designed to let fans interact in real time with the nail biting action of the UEFA Champions League.

With the Heineken Star Player fans could now play along live, online and on mobile, and anticipate the outcome of match moments in real time. Since its launch, Star Player has revolutionised the way people watch football. The apps dual screen experience delivers a full 90 minutes of brand engagement every game.