Hyundai i30 Virtual Test Drive

To launch the new generation i30 in South Africa, Hyundai reinvented the test drive with the Hyundai i30 Light Drive, an innovative virtual racing game that was projected onto the i30’s front windscreen, and was played inside the car. South Africa’s hottest nightspots in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town were targeted and anyone at anytime could experience the car’s slick, dynamic features, while competing for the top spot on the leader board.

Two-man teams worked together on the track to collect icons, which represented the i30 specs, to power-up and better their score. Hyundai also linked the i30 Light Drive to Facebook Connect and HD cameras that streamed the live test-drive to a large screen outside so people could watch the players compete. Photos of the teams were also instantly posted onto their timelines. People queuing to play were educated and entertained with a touch screen brochure on the i30’s rear windscreen.