Nivea SunSlide

South Africa has one of the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, with kids being the most vulnerable. Kids love playing in water for hours, without being interrupted, so how do you protect them? By creating the “funnest” way to apply sunblock, a slip ‘n slide that sprays water-resistant SPF 50+ sunscreen. One slide is all it took to cover 100 kids every hour!

Castrol Vuvu Lyza

The breathalyser test is the most commonly used method for alcohol testing. Since the test is extremely invasive, Castrol decided to merge the breathalyser that everybody hates, with the vuvuzela that everybody loves, and created the Castrol Vuvu Lyza.

For the first time ever South African drivers could use their vuvuzelas to enjoy the game and arrive home safely after it.

Coca-Cola Rainbow Nation

20 years ago, South Africa elected Nelson Mandela in the country’s first-ever democratic election. This lead Archbishop Desmond Tutu to coin the phrase “The Rainbow Nation,” referring to the country’s diverse people.

Now to celebrate this 20th anniversary of democracy, Coca-Cola decided to literally create rainbows. Using sunlight, water, some fancy science and a little bit of magic, they made rainbows pop up all over Johannesburg. Some rainbows even reached the ground, for those who sought to discover where they ended.

Cape Town Tourism Facebook Holiday

Cape Town Tourism wanted to promote the unexpected side of Cape Town. All the small communities, never-heard of places and unearthed gems that can’t be found on Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, Expedia, or even Google.

Since everyone could not be sent to Cape Town, people were allowed to send their Facebook profiles instead. 🙂 Through a Facebook app users were given a virtual, tailor-made Cape Town holiday that exposed them to all the unexpected places. A few lucky winners even got to experience their Facebook profile’s holiday for themselves.

Similarly last year, Obermutten a little and lovely mountain village from Switzerland was put on the world map through a very simple Facebook campaign. Check that out here.

Hyundai i30 Virtual Test Drive

To launch the new generation i30 in South Africa, Hyundai reinvented the test drive with the Hyundai i30 Light Drive, an innovative virtual racing game that was projected onto the i30’s front windscreen, and was played inside the car. South Africa’s hottest nightspots in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town were targeted and anyone at anytime could experience the car’s slick, dynamic features, while competing for the top spot on the leader board.

Two-man teams worked together on the track to collect icons, which represented the i30 specs, to power-up and better their score. Hyundai also linked the i30 Light Drive to Facebook Connect and HD cameras that streamed the live test-drive to a large screen outside so people could watch the players compete. Photos of the teams were also instantly posted onto their timelines. People queuing to play were educated and entertained with a touch screen brochure on the i30’s rear windscreen.

Volkswagen Street Quest

Since 1951, South Africans have loved Volkswagen. In fact, you’ll probably find one on every street, road, highway and byway in the country. So Volkswagen along with Ogilvy Cape Town created an advergame that not only celebrated the impact Volkswagen had on South African streets, but also kickstarted Volkswagen South Africa’s Facebook Page.

‘Volkswagen Street Quest’ was a Facebook challenge to find as many Volkswagens as possible on South African streets using Google Street View in a custom-designed gaming interface. The campaign ran for over 4 weeks and the players with the most Pins from each week qualified for a real life Street Quest challenge. The results…

The Bluemotion Label

77% of magazines along with their ads end up in the trash. This is a huge waste of paper. So when Volkswagen wanted to create a campaign to promote the eco-conscious thinking behind its BlueMotion vehicles, their ad agency Ogilvy developed a print insert that got the people of Cape Town to recycle the magazines via the cities post boxes!

Forever Wild “The YouTube Interventions”

Rhinos will be extinct within 10 years due to the escalating illegal international trade in rhino horn. Forever Wild, a non-profit initiative with no budget, wanted to convey how critical the rhino poaching situation is, and get people from around the world to sign their petition that would be presented to the US Congress.

In response Ogilvy Cape Town created “YouTube Interventions”, where over 60 frivolous trending videos on YouTube were remixed with a special message. People who had no time for serious stuff, but still spent hours on silly online distractions were forced to confront the reality of how they spent their time online…