Coca-Cola creates first ever “drinkable” advertising

Many people think they know the taste of Coke Zero, but they actually don’t. So Ogilvy & Mather created a campaign for Coke Zero that viewers could literally drink, irrespective of whether it was on a billboard, tv, print, or radio.

By simply “Shazaming” the ads, viewers could see Coke Zero pouring in on the screen of their smartphones, filling a glass, which then ended up into an actual free Coke Zero coupon that could be redeemed at select retail stores across the US.


Scrabble WiFi

There are places in Paris where you can’t get any Internet connection. So Ogilvy Paris setup free Wifi hotspots in these areas and incentivised people to make use of the wifi by first playing a short game of ‘Scrabble WiFi’.

Once the user proved his spelling skills, the score from the word was converted into free wifi minutes. The higher you scored, the longer the connection. Sharing the score on Facebook also doubled the connection time.


The ‘Delite-O-Matic’ sampling machine

Interactive vending machines are a great way to get consumer participation and engagement on ground. There are tones of examples out there, of which some have been covered here and some archived on SunMatrixTV. In this latest example ad agency Clemenger BBDO Adelaide has set out to see how far people will go for a free pack of Fantastic Delites (snack food).

So a machine dubbed the “Delite-O-Matic” was created, that gave people a free pack of Fantastic Delites by means of pushing a button hundreds of times or performing challenges. It was then put out on the streets to prove that because Fantastic Delites taste so good, people would go to incredible lengths to get them. Well, they weren’t wrong if this video is anything to go by… 😎


The LivingSocial Taxi Experiment

Taxis are becoming a great media for unexpected cool advertising. In London, LivingSocial took over an everyday taxi and converted it into a surprising and delightful experience.

The objective was simple, and that was to create buzz around their website, and at the same time showcase their many great discounts. So when unsuspecting passengers hailed this special taxi and got inside, there were give a choice i.e. carry on to their original destination, or ‘roll the dice’ and go for an exciting experience…


McDonald’s Dollar Drink Days Ice Sculpture

McDonald’s Canada and ad agency Cossette Vancouver have brought to life one of the first interactive ice sculptures this summer on behalf of McDonald’s Restaurants in Alberta. The objective was to drive consumer interest in the company’s Dollar Drink Days campaign.

Hosted in the town of Sylvan Lake, the stunt saw 8,000 pounds of ice moulded into a seven-foot tall installation, containing over 4,000 sparkling loonies, shaped into McDonald’s famous Golden Arches. The ice melted on a summer Saturday, and consumers chipped away at the sculpture to collect their bounty.

To attract high levels of interaction, the sculpture was strategically placed near the Sylvan Lake Pier – an area frequented by young adults and families. The day also featured a DJ, street promotional teams, hula hooping, limbo contests and giveaways.