Coca-Cola creates first ever “drinkable” advertising

Many people think they know the taste of Coke Zero, but they actually don’t. So Ogilvy & Mather created a campaign for Coke Zero that viewers could literally drink, irrespective of whether it was on a billboard, tv, print, or radio.

By simply “Shazaming” the ads, viewers could see Coke Zero pouring in on the screen of their smartphones, filling a glass, which then ended up into an actual free Coke Zero coupon that could be redeemed at select retail stores across the US.

Coca-Cola Second Screen Reinvented

Coca-Cola in Israel created a TV spot that through its audio signals communicated with the viewers mobile phones. Watching the ad triggered a “Gett Coca-Cola” prompt to appear on the viewers phones. If viewers tapped it, five minutes later a special Coca-Cola package with a branded cooler, two Coke bottles and a bottle opener, would show up at their doors.

To ensure prompt delivery, Coca-Cola partnered with local taxi app Gett which during the time of the promotion dispatched thousands of vehicles packed with the coolers across Israel.

Coca-Cola Wish in a Bottle

Working with Gefen Team and Qdigital, Coca-Cola showed off special bottles during Coca-Cola Summer Love 2015, a camp-like event for teenagers held each year in Ganei Huga, Israel. Opening a bottle sent a Wi-Fi signal to one of three drones programmed to fly up to a height of 1,000 feet and release a firework resembling a shooting star.


Coca-Cola through their latest campaign in Puerto Rico is trying to make the internet a happier place. The brand registered URLs for every emoji that conveyed happiness, and then via huge outdoor ads encouraged Puerto Ricans to visit it on their mobile.

The emoji URLs lead visitors to a special landing page i.e., where they could sign up for a chance to win the emoji web addresses for themselves. 😎

For those wondering why .ws, which is actually the domain suffix for Samoa? That is because emojis are not accepted on domains such as .com, .net, and .org.

Coca-Cola Rainbow Nation

20 years ago, South Africa elected Nelson Mandela in the country’s first-ever democratic election. This lead Archbishop Desmond Tutu to coin the phrase “The Rainbow Nation,” referring to the country’s diverse people.

Now to celebrate this 20th anniversary of democracy, Coca-Cola decided to literally create rainbows. Using sunlight, water, some fancy science and a little bit of magic, they made rainbows pop up all over Johannesburg. Some rainbows even reached the ground, for those who sought to discover where they ended.

Coca-Cola Peace Machines

Over the years Coca-Cola has experimented with their vending machines and tried to make them much more than just the average soda-spitter-outer.

Last year they placed two vending machines, one in India and the other in Pakistan and turned them into a communication portal. These “Small World Machines” allowed citizens from both countries to interact with each other and even complete shared tasks for which the machines rewarded them with a Coke.

The success of that has inspired Coca-Cola to once again bring fighting parties together. Now instead of bringing together nations at odds, it has tapped into the rivalry between Italian soccer teams Inter and Milan.

To ease the aggression between the fans, Coca-Cola installed their “Fair Play Machines” on opposite sides of Milan’s San Siro stadium as the teams faced off. Pressing the button of one machine dropped a Coke can down the chute of that on the side of the rival team. So this way rivals could only receive Cokes from each other. The results…

Coca-Cola SLURP

Coca-Cola with the help of Saatchi & Saatchi Denmark and M2Film have created a two-spot public service campaign that highlight the annoyance of noisy slurps and crunching of refreshments during public viewing at the cinema…

Coca-Cola Gangster

Coca-Cola Stableboy

Then as part of the campaign, moviegoers were secretly filmed and then digitally inserted into the above Stableboy spot, which showed them slurping on their drinks and eating popcorn amongst the action…

Coca-Cola Interactive Mini Bottles

Coca-Cola has recently launched 20 special edition mini bottles to get fans around the world excited about the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup, which will take place in Brazil from June 12th to July 13th.

The bottles come wrapped in flags of countries that have hosted the World Cup previously i.e. Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, USA, England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Japan and South Korea, as well as the three upcoming host countries Brazil, Russia and Qatar – plus two special Coca-Cola editions.

Coca-Cola fans can also create and send special messages and avatars to other bottle owners through Facebook and iPhone or Android apps. In addition, special markers on the bottles activate augmented reality animations when held up to a smartphone camera.

The Invisible Vending Machine

Since the time I started writing this blog, I have come across many innovative vending machines. Some I featured right here on Ramble and the others I bookmarked on YouTube.

Now to add to this collection, here is an invisible vending machine from Coca-Cola Turkey that becomes visible only when couples walk by. The machine was created specially for Valentine’s Day (last week) and was installed in Istanbul to spread happiness Coca-Cola style. 😎

Coca-Cola Happiness Machine #ReasonsToBelieve

Coca-Cola is at it again, this time unleashing happiness in Sweden. A special Coke machine was put at a bus stop to spread some summer happiness in the middle of the cold and dark Nordic winter. The results…

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