Havas Boondoggle Amsterdam recruits via Airbnb

Advertising students and recent graduates are hungry for a taste of agency experience. More so when it can bring some adventure along with it.

So Havas Boondoggle Amsterdam decided to recruit interns who are both creative and worldly, through Airbnb. The agency started by renting out its couch (10 Euros a night) for a minimum of one night and maximum of one week. In exchange for the budgeted accomodation, hand picked interns would work during the day at the agency and then get to explore the city at night.

KLM Live High Five

On 28th of August, KLM connected hundreds of people in Amsterdam and New York via a live interactive video display. The display let people on the streets of the two cities come face to face with one another, just as the French railway (SNCF) had done with Lyon and Brussels in 2012.

However the KLM version had a contest built into it. The connected people were asked to High Five each other and for every successfully timed High Five, the participants got two tickets to New York or Amsterdam.

Heineken Ignite

Last year I had written about StartCap, the world’s first digitally enabled bottle top. Now, Heineken has created LED based “smart bottles” that puts serious some tech into drinking beer.

These interactive bottles come with motion sensors and tiny lights that illuminate in correspondence to certain party gestures. For example, the LED glows when people cheer and clink bottles against one another, or blink quickly while the person is drinking. It also comes with special software that tunes the bottles with the music for a synchronized light show.

The concept was unveiled during Milan Design Week early this month to showcase how this innovative approach allowed people to be a part of the party in a whole new way. But to reach the commercial market, Heineken still needs to optimize the technology as the prototypes consist of an external module attached to the bottles. Once the tech is embedded directly into the bottles, parties around the world will not be the same again. 😎


Natwerk was asked to create something playful to engage the online minded visitors of ‘The Next Web conference 2012’. So they created an analogue gambling game featuring a real cow and layered it with an online extension. As you can see in the case film ‘Klara’ the cow was expected to shit three times a day and the visitors could bet where she would drop her shit.

Waternet Queen’s Day Challenge

Amsterdam’s water supplier Waternet wanted to discourage people from urinating in the city’s canals during the national Queen’s Day holiday in April. So Waternet hired Achtung! to do a little campaign that people would be very eager to try.

Several brightly colored urinals were created and installed at various points on the Amsterdam canal. Each urinal contained 4 stalls that were connected to a digital screen that turned peeing into a race.

As a result the campaign got people to use the urinal, pee quickly and even earn their water taxes back!

Magnum Pleasure Hunt across Amsterdam

Earlier on in April Magnum launched the second edition of its hit online game ‘Magnum Pleasure Hunt‘. To extend the campaign further, a real time mobile augmented reality game was created that took the game to the streets of Amsterdam.

The game is currently ongoing and participants between April 22nd and April 29th can use the special mobile app to hunt down 150 chocolate bonbons that have been hidden across 9 locations in Amsterdam. The one who claims the most bonbons wins a free trip to New York, while the rest are rewarded with the new Magnum Infinity ice cream.

I find the the Magnum mobile game to be a toned down version of the Vodafone Buffer Busters game that ran in Germany last September. Either ways its good to see more brands using augmented reality as a medium of engagement.

KLM #Fly2Miami Dance Party

In the past couple of years, airlines like KLM, SAS, Lufthansa, Air China etc have taken the social media world by storm. These airlines have successfully pushed the boundaries and created some of the most innovative social campaigns out there.

Now in their Fly2Miami campaign, KLM has managed to once again create tons of social buzz by hosting a Guinness World Record breaking in flight dance party at 35000 feet!

It all began with KLM announcing their new non-stop route from Amsterdam to Miami. In response, they received a tweet from Dutch DJ Seid van Riel and Producer Wilco Jung requesting KLM to move their inaugural flight up a week so that they could attend the music festival in Miami.

KLM then tweeted back a challenge…if they could get enough people to fill the plane then KLM would reschedule the flight. Within a couple of hours the flight was sold out… 😎

The Twitter Hustle

Dutch creative team Bas van de Poel and Daan van Dam set up 5 separate Twitter accounts and started following various dutch Creative Directors on Twitter. Their message was simple: HIRE US.

Even though the ideas was very similar to the Jeep Twitter Puzzle campaign…the execution was different and innovative. It got them noticed and finally a job with Boondoggle in Amsterdam.

Nike Take Mokum

Boondoggle Amsterdam came up with a campaign for Nike that made running less serious. They distracted youngsters from their boring running schedules and challenged them to release their creativity on Amsterdam by using their feet as paint instead!

A Facebook app called ‘Take Mokum’ (Amsterdam’s local nickname) was developed that allowed runners to make digital graffiti’s on the map of Amsterdam. All they had to do was actually run the route and upload their KMs with Nike+. The app would then paint the graffiti for them. These graffiti’s could then be shared, and liked fanatically. The result? Young Amsterdam starting running and Nike’s mission to change running was actually experienced by youngsters.

Sea Life Rain Campaign

Fresh Green Ads is a green media agency from Amsterdam, that has developed a Rain Campaign for Sea Life Scheveningen.

Every time it rains the octopus of Sea Life Scheveningen appears on the streets with its tentacles holding the text: “Sea Life laat je niet meer los” (Sea Life never lets you go). When the streets dry up the Rain Campaign disappears. The striking and environmentally friendly messages remains visible for up to eight weeks.