Coca-Cola Second Screen Reinvented

Coca-Cola in Israel created a TV spot that through its audio signals communicated with the viewers mobile phones. Watching the ad triggered a “Gett Coca-Cola” prompt to appear on the viewers phones. If viewers tapped it, five minutes later a special Coca-Cola package with a branded cooler, two Coke bottles and a bottle opener, would show up at their doors.

To ensure prompt delivery, Coca-Cola partnered with local taxi app Gett which during the time of the promotion dispatched thousands of vehicles packed with the coolers across Israel.

Coca-Cola Wish in a Bottle

Working with Gefen Team and Qdigital, Coca-Cola showed off special bottles during Coca-Cola Summer Love 2015, a camp-like event for teenagers held each year in Ganei Huga, Israel. Opening a bottle sent a Wi-Fi signal to one of three drones programmed to fly up to a height of 1,000 feet and release a firework resembling a shooting star.

Coca-Cola Mini Me

After Volkswagen, Coca-Cola is the next brand to tap the 3D printing trend.

For the launch of its new mini bottles in Israel, Coca-Cola with their agency Gefem Team came up with a campaign that allowed anyone to create 3D mini figurines of themselves. To get one in real users had to work a bit.

So first users created the minis using a mobile app. Then they had to keep them happy by feeding it and taking care of its needs. There was even a virtual supermarket within the app that you could visit to buy your groceries for your mini self. Those who successfully participated were then invited to the 3D printing lab inside Coca-Cola’s factory in Israel, where they received the mini versions of themselves.

Coca-Cola Personal Road

Coca-Cola has an ongoing global campaign that allows consumers to personalise bottles and cans…

Building on the success of this campaign Coca-Cola Israel decided to take the idea further with personalised billboards.

A mobile app was developed where consumers could enter their name. Then using geo-fence technology, the Coca-Cola billboard displayed the name when it was approached. The consumer at the same moment also received a message on their smartphone notifying them that their name was up there.

Since its launch the app has reached 100,000 downloads and is currently ranked #1 in Israel’s app store.

Facebook integration at the Coca Cola Village

Publicis (E-dologic) and Promarket developed an innovative experiential event for Coca Cola Israel that synced everyone who participated, live with their friends on Facebook!

The Coca Cola Village 2010 event in Israel was run through Facebook, with teenagers needing to collect 10 Coca Cola caps each and eight friends who did the same. After registering online through Facebook they got an exclusive entry.

At the Coca Cola Village, they were asked to setup a special wrist band that would securely hold their Facebook login / password. Every time they swiped, it instantly updated their status with what they were doing at the event, keeping their friends up to date in real time. Plus the wrist band also allowed for automatic tagging of all the photos taken at the Coca Cola Village.

The event held 650 teenagers a day, and with the seamless Facebook integration, they generated 35,000+ posts every day for the three days totaling over 100,000 posts for the event!