Egg-splatting bus shelter

Only available from New Year’s Day to Easter Day, the Cadbury Creme Egg is one of the best selling confections in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom.

In a bid to boost Creme Egg sales in the lead-up to Easter, Cadbury’s has come up with some really unique bus shelter in UK.

Cadbury's Creme Egg Game

Waiting for a bus is boring. Now though, you can fill this time by playing Cadbury’s first ever-interactive outdoor game called Splat the Egg.

Is this the future of advertising – every lamp post and bus shelter calling out to be stroked, touched or hit? 🙂

For those who wont have the chance to experience the real thing…you can have a go at the online version…


Toyota Prius iPhone app

Everyday we are seeing more and more brands using a mix of digital and traditional advertising to create unique marketing strategies.

Today we see Saatchi & Saatchi LA and appssavvy coming up with a unique idea for the Toyota Prius.


Together they have created a free Prius iPhone app that the users can use to draw into the environment of the Prius…and if standing in front of the Reuters digital billboard in Times Square they could even see it getting replicated live on the billboard.

The billboard was available from Oct 26th to Oct 28th

Other than drawing, the consumers can also take a tour of the Prius, interact with a print ad campaign and play a game.

A walk-thru history of a great brand

This is about as cool as it gets when telling the history behind your brand. Johnnie Walker and BBH London got Scottish actor Robert Carlisle to narrate the story while walking through the misty Scottish highlands.

This isn’t a commercial. At least in the traditional sense. It never ran on TV. It never will. Probably because it isn’t a nice, short and sweet 30 seconds long with a fancy logo and url at the end.

Live pay-to-view internet…

England’s clash with Ukraine was watched by half a million internet users!! This was a pioneering broadcast and a great success. The clash has become one of the most successful live pay-to-view internet events known…

Also just last month we heard that Internet Advertising had become bigger than TV Advertising in the UK…This was an inevitable trend, but this switch is a milestone for online advertising!

Find your long lost twin on Facebook

If you’ve always reckoned you have an evil twin somewhere else in the world or that you were separated at birth but no one’s got round to telling you, Coke Zero’s ‘worldwide social networking experiment’ could help.


Coke Zero has created a Facebook app called the ‘Facial Profiler’ which has the aim of finding people’s online lookalikes.

The app encourages people to upload a photo of themselves to a database, Coke then analyses the characteristics and attempts to find the nearest match from other uploaded images.

Facial Profile Web Site

The idea behind the campaign is: ‘If Coke Zero has the taste of Coke…is it possible that someone out there has your face?’.