The Village Telephone

The mountain village of Tschlin has the reputation of being the quietest place in Switzerland. In fact, things are so quiet that when the telephone in the village square rings, you can hear it in every corner of the village.

In a clever marketing stunt to drive tourism to the village, Graubünden Tourism along with ad agency Jung von Matt started giving out the village telephone number online. Anyone who called the village number between 10am and 8pm would be greeted by one of the village residents. If the phone call went unanswered the caller would win one of the many prizes (free stay, dinner, t-shirts etc) on offer.

To prove that no one was sitting next to the phone, they setup a live feed of the phone at the campaign microsite

The action started on Monday, 6th June and ended on Saturday, 11 June 2016.

The Great Escape

In 2011, Switzerland’s Graubünden Tourism and agency Jung von Matt created a clever stunt to publicize the remote mountain village of Obermutten on Facebook.

Then in 2015, they decided to target people a little closer to home i.e. the stressed urban commuters in a Zurich train station. This time they used an interactive display featuring a genuine Graubünden mountain man who could see and talk to those who walk past. Passersby who interacted with the mountain man were offered an all expense paid trip to Vrin, a mountain village in the Lumnezia Valley. The only catch being, that they needed to drop everything and jump onto the train leaving from the next platform.

The Trojan Font

To reach designers with a passion for typography, Jung von Matt/Alster created a font of their own. Dubbed the “Troja Script”, the font showed a recruitment ad instead of the usual font preview.

After being uploaded to various free font websites, the font generated 14,000 downloads and 23 applications for the open position at the agency.

DHL is faster

DHL’s large network of offices, trucks and employees, makes it faster than most of its competitors. To communicate this through an ad campaign is an expensive proposition. So they got German trojan campaign specialists Jung von Matt/Neckar to make their competitors (UPS, TNT and DPD) unknowingly promote them as the fastest packet delivery service.

Large inconspicuous packets were created and sealed with thermal foil. On being cooled in large refrigerators these packets turned black. UPS, TNT and DPD were then asked to deliver these packets to difficult but central city locations. During delivery these packets were exposed to the warm city temperatures and this caused them turn to yellow and expose the words “DHL is Faster”. 😎

The Invisible Car

To demonstrate the zero carbon impact of its new fuel cell vehicle, Mercedes-Benz along with ad agency Jung von Matt/Elbe have created an “invisible” car that uses LEDs and a camera hack that transmits images from the opposite side of the car to blend the vehicle with its surroundings. 😎

The Award Shelf

We have seen a string of guerilla recruitment campaigns from various ad agencies this year. In this latest example Jung Von Matt/Alster from Germany has created a new way to attract talent.

We all know creative people love to win awards. A lot of awards! After which they just lie in their offices. So Jung Von Matt/Alster has introduced a tool to store them in a nicer way…in ones pocket with their new Award Shelf iPhone app.

After installing the Award Shelf app creatives can organize their awards on a virtual shelf with the appropriate description, share them via email or Facebook and even create a PDF with which they can apply directly for a job at Jung von Matt! 😎

Want to create your own pocket award shelf? Get it from

Transparent Walls

For the PRE-SAFE® precrash system from Mercedes-Benz, ad Agency Jung von Matt in Germany made chaotic traffic intersections safer.

Everybody was able to look around the corners into the streets as if the walls were transparent, and could therefore detect potential hazards in time to avoid them. To achieve this, they used a camera to film what was going on around the corner. The images were then projected onto a 18/1-format billboard on a building corner so all motorists and cyclists could see them.

Vodafone Pixel Hunt

To promote the new Vodafone LG Optimus Windows 7 phone with 5 Megapixel camera, German ad agency Jung von Matt/Alster launched a website where the users had to search for the winning pixels in a picture of 5 millions pixels. There were one hundred winning pixels and each one of the winning pixels contained a brand new LG Optimus Windows 7 phone with 5 Megapixel camera.

In under a month, the entire 5 Million Pixels were clicked out by over 300,000 visitors (pixel by pixel). Thereby making this a great example of how a simple engagement campaign can generate the best results.

Dortmund Concert Milk

With the best acoustics and world class artists, you can experience music as never before in the Dortmund Concert Hall. However, it is not easy for the Concert Hall because the majority of the population is not particularly interested in this kind of music.

German ad agency, Jung von Matt was given the challenge to develop a campaign for the 2010/2011 season which would encourage more people to visit the Concert Hall. So they enabled people to experience music as never before: with their sense of taste! Scientists have proven that classical music makes cows produce more milk, which is why they let cows listen to the music of selected artists from the new season.

The milk produced was sold in shops as ‘Dortmund Concert Milk’ and was offered in nine varieties. Each bottle contained further information about the DCH season.

More details at

Trojan Art Director Recruiting

Jung von Matt is once again looking for talent and this time its Art Directors. Living up to their famed creative reputation, they have once again devised a cheeky little way of poaching talent from their competition. 😆

This time they have used “Trojan horses” i.e. 15 well-known photographers who show their work regularly to the best creative agencies in Germany. Their job ads were integrated into the portfolios of these well-known photographers as an inscription on a bus, a graffiti on a wall or a stitchery on a pullover.