Burger King Truckvertising

Due to strict laws, 13,000km of the German motorway network is ad-free. So to convince truckers in Germany to buy freshly grilled Whoppers, Burger King with their agency Grabarz & Partner created ads that only the truckers could see. The ads were place on the roof of multiple cars that then took turns overtaking the truckers.

–> “Hey, you up there!”
–> “You look hungry!”
–> “Why don’t you try out the Whopper?”
–> “Fresh and flame grilled”

Once the first few cars got the truckers attention, the remainder then guided the truckers to the next Burger King.

–> “If yes, then wink”
–> “Follow me to Burger King”

As a result many truckers gave into their temptation and followed the cars to the next XXL Burger King Drive-In.

WhatsApp Taxi


After years of public sharing and transparency on social media, people are gravitating toward more intimate, private and even anonymous ways to share, boosting the popularity of messaging apps and ephemeral messaging. Hence chat apps are becoming hubs for social networks, games, e-commerce and more.

Just last week I wrote about how KLM is starting to use Facebook Messenger for customer service related queries and tasks. Now Taxi Deutschland has launched a new service called “WhatsApp Taxi” to allow users in major German cities to order a taxi by simply sharing their location via a Whatsapp message. Watch the below demo video to see how easy it is to use.

For more details on this new service visit www.whatsapp-taxi.de

The Powerade Workout Billboard

Powerade with the help of Ogilvy & Mather setup several workout billboards in Berlin that apart from advertising the product, also doubled up as workout equipment to emphasize the brands attitude “You have more power than you think”.

People practicing their rock climbing, weight lifting and boxing skills on the unique billboards were also rewarded with some free Powerade to help replenish their electrolytes.

The Disappearing Billboard

The new Audi A7 Sportback h-tron is built using zero emission fuel cell technology coupled with a hybrid battery and electric motor in the rear. Due to this the car gives out nothing but water vapour from its exhaust.

With such an innovative product, Audi teamed up with German agency thjnk to create advertising that was just as innovative. Together they created a billboard that also left nothing behind…

St. Pauli pinkelt zurück

St. Pauli is one of Hamburg’s top entertainment destinations, attracting as many as 20 million visitors a year with its popular nightclubs and legal prostitution. However the steady stream of visitors has many residents and merchants angry as the visitors often relieve themselves against walls which leaves the whole place smelling like a latrine.

So to combat this, St. Pauli merchants association is fighting back by coating the most frequented walls with Ultra Ever Dry, a hyper-hydrophobic nano paint originally developed by Nissan. Now when urine hits this paint, it splashes back, soaking the offender’s pants and shoes with his own urine.

UPDATE: Pee-repellant walls commissioned by San Franciso Public Works

The Amazing iPad Magician

Simon Pierro is a digital magician from Germany who takes audiences to places they’ve never been, using a technological marvel they know and love — an iPad.

His latest performance was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show at the massive Warner Bros. studio complex in Hollywood. Here he treated Ellen DeGeneres and her enthusiastic audience to some of his best tricks, including his newest illusion: an iPad selfie.

The Football Machine

Herta a German subsidiary of the Nestle Group, launched a new product in Belgium called Knacki FootBall – small meatballs that look like footballs.

Then at a local train station, they placed a vending machine that offered these meatballs for free. But what people did not know was that to get the free meatballs they had to play a game of football inside the vending machine against a Belgian football legend Leo Van Der Elst. The results…

The evolution of iBeacons

iBeacons are the future of retail. However last week I spotted two unique examples of how the technology could be used beyond retail…

SnackBall Machine

GranataPet is a pet food company from the Bavarian Alps. In their latest campaign, they decided to port the fitness hype from the human world to the dog world.

With the help of their ad agency MRM / McCann Germany, they developed a SnackBall Machine that automatically launched a tennis ball (embedded with an iBeacon) in the park when the dog owner checked-in with #snackball on Twitter. The dog that quickly returned with the ball was then rewarded with a healthy GranataPet Snack, that was activated by the proximity of the ball to the machine.

Since its launch across various large German cities, GranataPet has seen a 27% lift in sales at various local pet food shops.


Tzukuri iBeacon Glasses

Australian company Tzukuri (phonetic spelling of “to make” in Japanese) has successfully combined a tiny iBeacon chip with regular sunglasses, that automatically and permanently connect with the users iPhone. So when the user leaves the sunglasses somewhere he is automatically alerted via a custom iPhone app.

More infos on the glasses are available at: www.tzukuri.com

The Trojan Font

To reach designers with a passion for typography, Jung von Matt/Alster created a font of their own. Dubbed the “Troja Script”, the font showed a recruitment ad instead of the usual font preview.

After being uploaded to various free font websites, the font generated 14,000 downloads and 23 applications for the open position at the agency.