Knorr Physical Retargeting

In November, a Knorr food truck in chilly Stockholm offered free warm samples of the brand’s tomato and Thai soups. Visitors could eat it on the spot or take home the samples.

To ensure the visitors could also be retargeted through relevant mobile ads, Knorr equipped the truck and the people handing out the samples with battery powered iBeacons. Through these iBeacons, visitors to the truck who had the popular Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet app preinstalled were registered as having been there. Then instead of immediately pushing a coupon for Knorr soup to the user, they waited until the next time the user opened the Aftonbladet app to serve it up through a mobile ad on the start screen.

Hello Fuffr

Touchscreens have revolutionized our everyday lives. But there is still a continual conflict among device designers about what customers really want. Some believe in small screen sizes like that of the iPhone, while others prefer larger screened devices like that of the Samsung Galaxy S5. So a bunch of engineers from Stockholm decided to get together and bridge the gap between all the different screen sizes.

Fuffr is an iPhone case that greatly expands the users phone workspace and helps interact with it in new ways. The case has its own motion sensors which help it interact with the phones Bluetooth LE. Here is a short demonstration video highlighting the usefulness of the case… 😎

Blowing in the wind

To introduce a new line of hair products, Apotek Hjärtat, a Swedish pharmacy decided to give subway commuters in Stockholm a surprising special effect. With the help of their ad agency Akestam Holst, they fitted digital screens on the subway platform with ultrasonic sensors that discerned when a train was coming.

The pharmacy ad then featured a model with a lush mane. When the train arrived the sensors immediately simulated the blowing in the wind effect for her hair.


January in Sweden is when all gyms and health clubs advertise to catch everyone who made the classic New Year’s resolution of start exercising. Stockholm based health club Friskis&Svettis is no exception.

Friskis&Svettis being a non-profit association is owned by its members. So with their agency Volt, they created a campaign that would make members inspire others in the community. A hashtag #friskissthlm was created on Instagram and members were called to work out, photograph and tag their pics and by doing so; become a part of the campaign around Stockholm. The results…

The Sing For Me Machine

Coca Cola Sing For Me Machine

As part of its global “Open Happiness” campaign, Coca-Cola has set up interactive vending machines in various parts of the world. In Singapore the consumers could hug for a Coke, in Korea they could dance for a Coke…

and now in Stockholm they can sing for a Coke. 🙂 The vending machine has been placed at the Royal Institute of Technology with the sign “Sing For Me” in the front…

Who cares?

The Swedish Armed Forces needed to recruit young people to an occupation that in many ways requires you to give up your own comfort in order to help others. To highlight this aspect ad agency DDB Stockholm created a digitally integrated event in Stockholm to see how far people were willing to go for one another.

For this unusual and gutsy social marketing experiment, a person agreed to sit in a small boxed room and give up his freedom. The whole thing was then live-streamed over the internet and nobody via any social media channel could help him. The only way to help was to physically take his place yourself.

Would you have entered that room?

Magnum Pleasure Hunt

Last year to launch the all new Magnum Temptation Hazelnut ice-cream, Swedish agencies Lowe Brindfors and B-Reel created an advergame called “Magnum Pleasure Hunt Across The Internet“. In the game players were taken across 20 well known websites as they collected Bon Bons, the special ingredient of the Magnum Temptation Hazelnut ice-cream.

An extended video demo can be seen here.

Since the game did exceedingly well, Magnum and team have come up with round 2 which has been enhanced with 3D graphics. Also this time players are taken on a run in New York, made to fly over Paris and surf the waves in Rio De Janeiro.

An extended video demo can be seen here.

I think its a great follow up to the first version. Don’t you think? Experience Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2 at

The TimeKiller App

For the last two years in a row, SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) has won the award for being Europe’s most punctual airline. With their ad agency SWE Advertising Stockholm, they created a great little time wasting utility app that isn’t actually made for its loyal customers, but for their competitor airline customers. 😎

The idea was to poke a little fun at SAS’ competitor airlines by suggesting to their customers that they’ll need this app from SAS because chances are, their flight will be delayed and they will need something to kill their time with…

Vodafone Buffer Busters

The Buffer Busters are the new Ghost Busters from Vodafone Germany. The telecom giant has launched an augmented reality mobile application that transforms German cities into a video game arena!

Starting from the brief “Vodafone is the fastest mobile network in Germany”, ad agency North Kingdom Stockholm has created a digital story revolving around so-called Buffer Monsters that represent everything slow in our everyday surroundings.

Users who play the game have to capture these monsters by using their iPhone or Android smart phones. When 50 monsters have been captured, the user needs to visit a near by Vodafone Store to dump them and continue playing. The best Buffer Busters will win a lifetime plan from Vodafone! 😎

The TVC supporting the initiative is also very well done…

For more details visit the campaign microsite.

Ariel Fashion Shoot

Procter & Gamble Nordics in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm, B-Reel and Atomgruppen have created an interactive campaign centered on a specially built glass installation in Stockholm Central Station, Sweden.

For one week, passers-by at Stockholm Central Station could watch designer clothes hung on a washing line being soiled by ketchup, drinking chocolate and lingonberry jam via fans on the Ariel Sweden Facebook page (or Denmark, Norway, Finland equivalents).

In order to win the designer clothes, the Ariel fans had to use a Facebook controlled industrial robot cannon to soil them. The stained clothes would then be sent in the post after being washed on-site with regular Ariel Actilift.