Daffy’s Interactive Peep Show

Daffy’s is a fashion retailer from NYC. For their fall fashion launch, they created a street-level event that blended window shopping, a fashion show and an interactive peep show to create live interaction from hundreds of passers by for an entire day and night.

The idea was simple, get a bunch of great looking models ready to try on any items in the new fashion range, then ask the public at street level to text a special number for each model, asking them to try on and then take off a particular item.

Each message was projected onto the store window, allowing everyone in the huge crowd to follow the conversation, while the models themselves, each used a phone to interact with people on the street.

In total, more than 1,500 text messages were received just between 6:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. and the “Undressing Room” succeeded in drawing crowds, as the event was suspended twice during the night by New York City police officers because the overflow crowd was blocking pedestrian and vehicular traffic along one of Manhattan’s busiest corridors.


iPhone Controlled LED Suit

Now can any of the iPhone competitors do that? 😎

It never seizes to amaze me, how many cool functions the iPhone has…from controlling your LED suit, to starting your car virtually from anywhere, to an iPhone in iPhone, to an instant phone payment system and so on…

The iPhone has truly revolutionized the utility of a phone and I am yet to see any of the competitors like Google Android, Black Berry and Nokia even come close to having their phones give their end users so many possibilities / things to do!

Here is short video demo of how the LED suit has been made…

For more technical information visit https://uiproductions.blogspot.com/