Scrabble WiFi

There are places in Paris where you can’t get any Internet connection. So Ogilvy Paris setup free Wifi hotspots in these areas and incentivised people to make use of the wifi by first playing a short game of ‘Scrabble WiFi’.

Once the user proved his spelling skills, the score from the word was converted into free wifi minutes. The higher you scored, the longer the connection. Sharing the score on Facebook also doubled the connection time.

Coca-Cola Sharing Can

With summer coming up and an ice cold soda in your hand, people around you are bound to hope that you will share the soda with them. The normal way of doing so would be to sip from the same opening. Now in an attempt to create another way of sharing happiness, Coca-Cola teamed up with Ogilvy in Singapore and France to create a shareable can of Coke that splits into two and creates two half pints. The results…

Recruitment of Pirates and Cyber Warriors

Since 2010 I have covered how different agencies around the world have been innovating with their recruitment campaigns. Now here are the latest two to join the list…

Pirate Recruitment

Today young web designers need to buy very expensive application suites in order to create. So they usually download these suites on illegal pirate websites. Ogilvy Brussels used this insight and uploaded a file that was supposed to be a wanted application suite. When the web designers downloaded it, they did not find the new suite but a much stronger offer…


Cyber Warriors Challenge

Wieden+Kennedy wanted to recruit community managers for its client Old Spice. So they came up with a crazy/fun/impossible idea. Candidates were given 5 days to complete one or more challenges listed below and then submit proof of their exploits…

Volkswagen Street Quest

Since 1951, South Africans have loved Volkswagen. In fact, you’ll probably find one on every street, road, highway and byway in the country. So Volkswagen along with Ogilvy Cape Town created an advergame that not only celebrated the impact Volkswagen had on South African streets, but also kickstarted Volkswagen South Africa’s Facebook Page.

‘Volkswagen Street Quest’ was a Facebook challenge to find as many Volkswagens as possible on South African streets using Google Street View in a custom-designed gaming interface. The campaign ran for over 4 weeks and the players with the most Pins from each week qualified for a real life Street Quest challenge. The results…

The Bluemotion Label

77% of magazines along with their ads end up in the trash. This is a huge waste of paper. So when Volkswagen wanted to create a campaign to promote the eco-conscious thinking behind its BlueMotion vehicles, their ad agency Ogilvy developed a print insert that got the people of Cape Town to recycle the magazines via the cities post boxes!

Coke Happiness Refill

For teens, happiness is being connected. Using this insight Coca-Cola in Brazil created a beachfront store on the Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro where a never seen before soda machine was installed.

Using an exclusive Coca-Cola mobile browser, young emerging middle-class consumers who love their mobile phones but cannot afford a generous data plan could simply goto the soda machine and receive credits for free internet on their mobile. 😎

This soda machine joins the growing number of “Happiness Machines” Coca-Cola has deployed around the world since 2009.

It’s old, but it smells like new

Ford Seleccion is the brand of used cars from Ford in Spain. Bassat Ogilvy Madrid, the agency responsible for marketing the cars was given the task of bringing the excitement of a new car to the old ones.

So the team set out to bring the ‘smell of a new car’ to those who chose to buy a used one. After all, you might be willing to sacrifice the new car itself, if the old one at least smelled like a new one. πŸ˜‰

Once the smell of the new car was identified, it was taken and bottled into fragrance samplers called ‘Olor a Nuevo,’ which means ‘Smell of New’. With this fragrance the line of old cars that smelled exactly like the new ones was created and successfully advertised through print and outdoor ads.

Coca-Cola “Cheer-o-meter”

To promote the excitement around Copa America 2011, OgilvyAction worked with Coca Cola to set up a giant screen in downtown Buenos Aires for fans to watch their favorite teams and provide unconditional cheer to the Argentinean National Team. But there was a catch. Sound sensors were installed to keep the screen on and if the fans stopped cheering, the screen would go blank. 😎

The Creative Ransom

In May 2010 an aspiring creative from USA used Google to play upon the vanity of some top American creatives and land himself interviews and eventually a job.

Then in July 2011 a Dutch creative team created “The Twitter Hustle” to land a job with a big agency in Netherlands.

Now an Aussie creative team consisting of Andrew Grinter and Lee Spencer-Michaelsen have taken the job hunt to the next level. Their approach was to stand out from the crowd by hijacking the domain names of top creative directors in Melbourne.

The duo went on a URL buying spree, after which they sent ransom notes to their targeted creative directors. The daring move got them their interviews. They wore ski-masks to the interviews and still managed to get a job. The duo are now reportedly working for DTDigital, a division of Ogilvy Melbourne.

Stay tuned for more creative job hunts. πŸ˜‰