Bloom Box…the future of electricity is here!

Bloom Box is a new eco friendly electricity-generating device that takes fuel and air and turns it into power…it is a small power plant in a box which has promises to soon power our homes!

This new technology is already being tested by Google and eBay…here is the CBS 60 Minutes video telling you exactly what this box is all about…

Glimpse into the future of print media

Here we have WIRED Magazine Creative Director Scott Dadich and Jeremy Clark from XD’s Customer Engagement team providing a sneak peak into how WIRED is gearing up for it’s digital rebirth in the form of an Adobe AIR application built to run across a variety of devices.

Now translate text in photos

The Google Goggles uses Google’s machine translation technology and image recognition capabilities to create an additional layer of useful context. So if the user takes a photo from his Android device, the application will translate the text in the photo in a fraction of a second! Currently it only supports German-to-English translations.

I can’t wait to the see the day when Google comes up with a realtime voice translation device. We will never need to learn another language. 🙂

Simplifying Buying Decisions in Retail

Customers are being faced with increasingly complex buying decisions, especially when it comes to technology and services. As a result, increased pressure is being placed on store associates to provide knowledgeable service to customers.

The Razorfish team used this opportunity to develop a solution to demonstrate how an immersive interactive experience can assist customers and store associates with complex buying decisions in a retail setting.

New age business cards Part 1

Ever wondered what your co-worker did last weekend? Amnesia Razorfish in Australia made it easy to find out with a Microsoft Surface staff directory application.

The application uses Surface tags printed on all Amnesia Razorfish business cards to show extra information about employees such as blog posts, tweets and Flickr photos.

With business cards like these…I don’t see why the clients would not be jumping to work with them. 🙂

Square iPhone Payment System

Twitter’s inventor and ex-chairman, Jack Dorsey has just created another revolutionary product called the ‘Square iPhone Payment System’!

Square iPhone Payment System

The innovation is in a small, plastic card reader that fits in to the headphone jack of an iPhone (or iPod Touch) and transfers the credit card’s swipe data to the app. After the employee enters the amount to charge, the customer confirms by scrawling their signature with their finger and then either one enters the customer’s email address to send the receipt to.

With Square, accepting payments will be faster, convenient and paperless. It will allow anyone from a hot dog vendor to a bike messenger to process credit cards on-the-go. 😎

You can read up more about the benefits on it’s beta web site

A demo video of the product can also be seen here…