Nivea Second Skin Project

Christmas is a time for love and affection, and what better way to to show it than with a hug?

So Nivea Crème and Leo Burnett Madrid unveiled the “Second Skin Project” – a technological development that not only helped bring a mother and son together just in time for the holidays, but also showed the importance of human touch.

With the help of nanotechnology experts they used a fabric that simulated human skin and at the same time transmitted the sense of touch over a long distance. Then they got Laura and Pablo to test the product. The results…

The Epic Split

Brands all over the world are trying to create branded content. Volvo did that with great success last month when they filmed a hamster drive their entire truck up a mountain.

Now in their latest video, Volvo has demonstrated the precision and directional stability of its dynamic steering by getting Jean-Claude Van Damme to carry out his famous split between two reversing Volvo FM trucks. The video since its release has already got over 7 million views.

How to become the most awarded agency in the world?

Agencies spend loads of money each year entering their work in award shows like Cannes, One Show etc. Rethink, an agency from Canada decided to do things a little different this year. Instead of investing tons of money in award show entries, they decided to tap into the growing trend of 3D printing and simply print their own awards. This way they became the most awarded agency in the world in a matter of days. 😆

Volvo Hamster Stunt

Brands all over the world are trying to create branded content. In this latest example, Volvo Trucks to showcase their dynamic steering feature decided to use a hamster to show how lite it is to steer their entire truck up a mountain.

The video has got over 4 million views and stands as a testament to how a product that very few would watch online, could be transformed into something worth watching for everyone.

The Great Art Heist

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if Volkswagen Canada has their say, beauty will be in the hands of the person who’s stealing it. At least that’s the idea behind their latest ambient meets social campaign for the new Volkswagen Jetta GLI.

Since the beginning of October, agency Red Urban has created a series of pop-up art galleries across major cities in Canada, that feature “Light Paintings” made by the movement of the Volkswagen Jetta.

While the frames in the exhibits have been hung for all to admire, they haven’t really been hung that securely, allowing more daring admirers to claim the artwork for themselves. The thieves were also being asked to share their stolen items via Tweets and Facebook posts. Volkswagen Canada’s Facebook page has already started receiving photos from fans decorating homes and offices with the eye-catching imagery…