The Sexiest Billboard

During the 2010 Football World Cup, Axe Paraguay faced the challenge of standing out from other brands with a very low budget. Their objective was to create free press about their brand and at the same time get everybody’s attention.

So their agency Biedermann McCann fused what men love the most i.e. Soccer and Women. They created the “sexiest billboard” which got everybody’s attention and also millions of dollars worth of free press! 🙂

Multiple Girlfriends App

Ogilvy Tunisia has created an Axe Facebook app that uses the relationship status update feature to allow people to be in a “relationship” with 100’s of girls at once. When people click on the relationship update link, they are taken to the Axe Facebook app page that allows people to also install the custom relationship app. 😎

The Axe Effect In Discos

Ad agency Lowe Ginkgo from Montevideo contracted various bars and discos in Uruguay for this unique brand activity. They had beautiful bar-girls serve a passion-red drink in a unique AXE GLASS, specially designed for the brand.

As the guys drank and the level of liquid descended, they undressed a gorgeous girl. As a result, at the end of the night, the AXE GLASS was the only one that didn’t end up on the floor, but in the guys homes.