Cape Town Tourism Facebook Holiday

Cape Town Tourism wanted to promote the unexpected side of Cape Town. All the small communities, never-heard of places and unearthed gems that can’t be found on Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, Expedia, or even Google.

Since everyone could not be sent to Cape Town, people were allowed to send their Facebook profiles instead. 🙂 Through a Facebook app users were given a virtual, tailor-made Cape Town holiday that exposed them to all the unexpected places. A few lucky winners even got to experience their Facebook profile’s holiday for themselves.

Similarly last year, Obermutten a little and lovely mountain village from Switzerland was put on the world map through a very simple Facebook campaign. Check that out here.

Ariel Fashion Shoot

Procter & Gamble Nordics in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm, B-Reel and Atomgruppen have created an interactive campaign centered on a specially built glass installation in Stockholm Central Station, Sweden.

For one week, passers-by at Stockholm Central Station could watch designer clothes hung on a washing line being soiled by ketchup, drinking chocolate and lingonberry jam via fans on the Ariel Sweden Facebook page (or Denmark, Norway, Finland equivalents).

In order to win the designer clothes, the Ariel fans had to use a Facebook controlled industrial robot cannon to soil them. The stained clothes would then be sent in the post after being washed on-site with regular Ariel Actilift.

Flowers From Facebook Friends

What if a digital birthday was also a real world birthday? 1-800-Flowers look to tie together Facebook wall posts with a real world same day delivery service.

Through a Facebook application birthday wishers can gift a single virtual flower to the birthday boy or girl. Over the course of the day these virtual flowers are put together in a single bouquet and then delivered to the lucky individual before the sun sets.

Its a pretty cool initiative, particularly because it’s absolutely free! However I am not sure if this is real initiative, as it could be another student piece from Miami Ad School.

User Generated Orange Juice

Prigat, a leading company in the Israeli fruit juice market, has come up with one of the most innovative Facebook campaigns you are ever likely to see.

A unique Facebook application was developed by Publicis E-dologic, who gave it the fitting name of “User Generated Orange Juice (UGOJ)”. The application enabled internet users to squeeze real fresh orange juice simply by smiling at a webcam. It used face recognition technology that digitally activated a real giant juicer whenever a user smiled. The juicer could be viewed live 24/7, allowing users to actually see the outcome of their smiles.

The Facebook page got 30,000 new likes, over 20,000 photos were uploaded and a whopping 40,000 fresh oranges were squeezed!

Multiple Girlfriends App

Ogilvy Tunisia has created an Axe Facebook app that uses the relationship status update feature to allow people to be in a “relationship” with 100’s of girls at once. When people click on the relationship update link, they are taken to the Axe Facebook app page that allows people to also install the custom relationship app. 😎

SAS “Up for Grabs”

To promote a million seat fare sale, Scandinavian Airlines via Crispin Porter Boglusky Stockholm ran a competition on Facebook where SAS fans could grab a free trip. All the fans had to do was make their profile pic into a custom made Up For Grabs image and simply post a matching image where they grab the trip on the SAS Facebook wall.

The campaign was against the Facebook promotional terms & conditions, so eventually it was shut down. But not before a winner was chosen!

Don’t tag people, tag their clothes

Women are always looking for inspiration for their wardrobe and most of the time they find this inspiration by looking at other women.

This inspired agency Duval Guillaume to create a Flair Fashiontag Facebook app for Belgian women’s magazine Flair. In the app instead of tagging people, you can tag people’s clothes or accessories and ask them where they got them.

All fashiontags are displayed in a Facebook gallery, the best are published in the weekly edition of Flair. This way there is constant interaction between the facebook application and the magazine itself.

Lacta Chocolate Facebook App

There are some Facebook apps that generate hundreds of thousands of fans while others just flop. This is because of 3 very basic factors…

  1. Simplicity – a couple of clicks to get to the app and to the point of action
  2. Shareability – has all the standard sharing features for viraling the app
  3. Insight – what a fan might actually use, comment and share on

Take that and you have the Lacta Chocolate Facebook App. The app was built around a simple insight that people would compare their loved ones with chocolates.

Once again OgilvyOne Athens got into action and created an app that lets the people customize a Lacta chocolate wrapper in their loved ones name and compare them to a particular Lacta flavour before using the wall to wall post feature to get the message across.

In just over a month the app generated over 150,000+ fans with thousands using personalised chocolate wrappers as profile pics.

The Schweppes Facebook Profile App

Recently Facebook released new improvements to the Facebook profile which makes it even easier for you to tell your story and learn about your friends. Shortly after the release a French artist took advantage of the new profile design to express himself. After which many other creative minds have also played around with their profiles.

This in turn inspired Schweppes to develop the Schweppes Profile App on Facebook, which helps anybody who doesn’t have Photoshop skills and much time to get a great new profile as well.

A great strategic play by Schweppes, as it provides a service that will be increasingly popular as the trend catches on. Click here to check out the app.