Durex Baby

Condoms are a downer! So how does one convince guys to put it on? And make Durex the favored choice. Using the iPhone Nicolai Villads, Peter Ammentorp and Raul Montenegro have created what is called the Durex Baby application for the iPhone. 😎

The app has been created for the Future Lions 2010 competition (www.futurelions.com) organized by digital agency AKQA and Cannes Lions Advertising festival.

Dulce de leche brings home the Argentinians

There are many Argentinians who are living around the world and missing their families, friends and neighborhood.

With this campaign ‘Repatriate an Argentinian’ with a Dulce de leche iLolay, you can bring them back. The most voted Argentinian will be brought back to the country and the people who refer their friends stand to win a free trip to Mendoza, Ushuaia or Iguazu.


Having lived in Argentina myself I can say that this campaign done by JWT Argentina would definitely strike the right cord with the intended target audience. It has already got over 400 registrations and counting.

Dulce de leche
A South American caramelized sweetened condensed milk product of Argentinean origin rivaling Nutella for worldwide consumption. Makes a nice cheesecake flavor. Spreadable on other stuff, but also directly ingestible by spoon if desperate.

1000 mobile phones. 2000 texts. One song.

To create a viral video these days, you need to do something great and unique. Vodafone NZ hired a production team to orchestrate cellphones into “playing” Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture.

This was done using 1000 phones and 53 different ringtone alerts, synchronized to recreate the classical piece.

If you like the resulting tune, you can download it to your computer, as well as the 53 ringtones used to create it, from the Vodafone NZ site.

Social Media Happiness

In a first of it’s kind undertaking, we are seeing Coca Cola using social media marketing and a travel campaign to tap into regular people to be their “Happiness Ambassadors” and travel the world for the whole of 2010 and document their entire quest via blog posts, tweets, YouTube videos, TwitPics, and other social media mentions.

Currently their is a contest in progress to shortlist the brand ambassadors whose mission will be to find happiness in the 206 different countries that sell Coca-Cola products across the world.


The winning three-person team will begin their journey on January 1, 2010 and attempt to travel more than 150,000 miles in 365 days, visiting each of the 206 countries where Coca-Cola is sold. Their duty will be to engage with local denizens and uncover what makes them happy. After which they are to share their experiences online, and complete tasks in each country as determined by online voters.

Breakfast cereal box is a 3D game console!

No longer the stuff of science fiction, augmented reality (AR) is fast catching on with forward-thinking brands.

This growing trend has led brands to conjure up useful ways to integrate AR within their campaigns, with mobile playing a very big part.

Augmented reality (AR) is the process of superimposing digital information or objects onto real-time video streams in order to create the illusion that they are part of the physical scene.

The latest AR application being Nestle’s Chocopic cereal box being turned into a 3D game console for the film ‘Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard’. The film and the cereal box will roll out across Europe, starting in France next month.

The game itself is fairly simple – a variation of the hand-held maze games requiring the player to manoeuver ballbearings in to a hole. Achieving that has a rather spectacular effect in the AR version, as shown off in this video released below.

Still for many, AR remains little more than a gimmick, but the campaigns shared in the below links show it can be much more. Here is a top 10 list from Revolution Magazine:

A walk-thru history of a great brand

This is about as cool as it gets when telling the history behind your brand. Johnnie Walker and BBH London got Scottish actor Robert Carlisle to narrate the story while walking through the misty Scottish highlands.

This isn’t a commercial. At least in the traditional sense. It never ran on TV. It never will. Probably because it isn’t a nice, short and sweet 30 seconds long with a fancy logo and url at the end.

Live pay-to-view internet…

England’s clash with Ukraine was watched by half a million internet users!! This was a pioneering broadcast and a great success. The clash has become one of the most successful live pay-to-view internet events known…

Also just last month we heard that Internet Advertising had become bigger than TV Advertising in the UK…This was an inevitable trend, but this switch is a milestone for online advertising!