Making magazines instantly interactive

Enabling readers to buy directly from magazines or newspapers is slowly going to become the industry standard, as revenues from print continue to slip.

Last year Ikea re-imagined their catalog via a special visual recognition app that brought its pages and offerings within to life. Now Marie Claire has taken it one step further by letting their readers use the Netpage app, to interact with its printed pages i.e. clip, save, share, watch and buy.

The Netpage app uses a combination of image recognition, augmented reality and digital twin technology. Hence no special codes, watermarks or special printing processes are required.

The future is all about content being fused with commerce so that it’s a quick step from reading about an item to buying it. So get ready! 😎


Creature Greeter

How do you keep visitors waiting at your office reception busy? Art house ‘Creature of London’ had an idea of an avatar based check-in app that would keep visitors occupied for 2-3 minutes each time they arrived at their office.

Visitors were paired with a creature through facial recognition and on a repeat visit the app would automatically recognize the visitor while offering them a playful choice of reasons for checking-in to the office.

Digital screens placed throughout the building also allowed the released creatures to roam free and interact with each other in an environment that matched the local weather and time of day.

To complete the experience, visitors also received a ticket receipt representing their check-in. After collecting 5 receipts, visitors could exchange them for a jar of Creature’s home made honey.


The TimeKiller App

For the last two years in a row, SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) has won the award for being Europe’s most punctual airline. With their ad agency SWE Advertising Stockholm, they created a great little time wasting utility app that isn’t actually made for its loyal customers, but for their competitor airline customers. 😎

The idea was to poke a little fun at SAS’ competitor airlines by suggesting to their customers that they’ll need this app from SAS because chances are, their flight will be delayed and they will need something to kill their time with…


The Award Shelf

We have seen a string of guerilla recruitment campaigns from various ad agencies this year. In this latest example Jung Von Matt/Alster from Germany has created a new way to attract talent.

We all know creative people love to win awards. A lot of awards! After which they just lie in their offices. So Jung Von Matt/Alster has introduced a tool to store them in a nicer way…in ones pocket with their new Award Shelf iPhone app.

After installing the Award Shelf app creatives can organize their awards on a virtual shelf with the appropriate description, share them via email or Facebook and even create a PDF with which they can apply directly for a job at Jung von Matt! 😎

Want to create your own pocket award shelf? Get it from


Singles Finder App

Ogilvy Interactive has developed a “Singles Finder App” for, a major Argentinian dating portal. Their concept was simple…”Love is out there. If we get organized, there’s plenty for all”.

With Buenos Aires being one of the cities with the best nightlife in the world, having thousands of bars, discos and pubs to choose from can be a problem. All these options make it difficult to find and meet single men and women. With the “Singles Finder”, a free Smartphone App for the iPhone, users were able to get the exact amount of single prospects in each location. The best part was that they knew where to go well before.