Smart for two: parKING

Parking in the city isn’t fun. So BBDO Germany turned a regular test drive for the Smart into an interactive parking game based on the age-old game of musical chairs.

During the game an iPhone app was used to play music and direct players around central Berlin. When the music stopped the players had to immedietly find a parking spot. The last team to park and verify their location via a photo upload was eliminated.

The competition was run at the Berlin Smart center, where 8 teams battled each other to become Berlin’s first parKING’s. The result…

Air Check-in

Now there is an app that lets parachutists “check in” on Facebook as they free fall through the sky. 😎

Parachuting specialists Sky Company, wanted to promote their Facebook fan page. So with ageisobar Brazil they developed the Air Check-in app [iTunes Link] that allowed users to take pictures during their jump while recording their height. Then based on their 3G reception at the altitude post the details on the users Facebook timeline or store the check-in for later.

The check-in posts made by the app had a link to Sky Company’s Facebook fan page. So this not only helped boost their fan count on Facebook, but also helped increase the number of jumps with their team by 26%.

The above app also brought back memories of another parachuting campaign that was done by in September 2011. This time the campaign was centered around the company’s high-speed mobile booking application, which allowed users to book rooms at its network of almost 140,000 hotels worldwide.

To promote their smart phone app they teamed up with extreme athlete and stuntman, JT Holmes, for a wild and exciting digital demonstration to prove just how easy it was to book a room while “on the fly”. 🙂

Track My Macca’s

McDonald’s in Australia decided to use technology to tackle one of its biggest problems i.e. the disbelief that its ingredients are fresh, locally sourced and of decent quality. So with image recognition, GPS, augmented reality and some serious integration with its supply chain, they put together a full story behind every ingredient people came across while buying food at McDonald’s. 😎

Adidas × Giants “Digital Tryout”

Baseball fans in Japan are aging fast. Especially for the Yomiuri Giants whose percentage of young fans has dropped drastically. So to turn young Japanese people into Giants fans, Adidas along with ad agency Tbwa\Hakuhodo came up with an iPhone app called “Giants Tryout” where baseball fans could test 4 basic skills i.e. Pitch, Bat, Run, and Catch.

Throughout the baseball season fans competed with each other digitally. To raise the appeal of the app, the top 9 record holders were given the privilege to join the Giants training camp, share the field with the professional players and be part of a professional baseball team.

Magnum Pleasure Hunt across Amsterdam

Earlier on in April Magnum launched the second edition of its hit online game ‘Magnum Pleasure Hunt‘. To extend the campaign further, a real time mobile augmented reality game was created that took the game to the streets of Amsterdam.

The game is currently ongoing and participants between April 22nd and April 29th can use the special mobile app to hunt down 150 chocolate bonbons that have been hidden across 9 locations in Amsterdam. The one who claims the most bonbons wins a free trip to New York, while the rest are rewarded with the new Magnum Infinity ice cream.

I find the the Magnum mobile game to be a toned down version of the Vodafone Buffer Busters game that ran in Germany last September. Either ways its good to see more brands using augmented reality as a medium of engagement.

I bet you can QUIT

Shocking anti-smoking campaigns don’t really work. So the American Cancer Society with their agency Ogilvy New York have taken the social media approach to drive home the message.

The campaign targets the friends of the smokers instead of the smokers themselves to quit smoking…

Volkswagen virtual Golf Cabriolet app

The Golf Cabriolet is back after 9 years of absence, since production was stopped in 2002. Volkswagen together with Paris based agency ‘Agency.V.’ have come up with the worlds first augmented reality car showroom app for the iPad2, iPhone and Android.

The app lets you explore the vehicle and play with it’s features like opening the soft-top roof, rotating the car, checking the vehicle’s details, changing the body colour or the style of the rims. You can even take a picture of yourself with the virtual car and share each step of this experience through your social networks.

iPhone and iPad 2 users can download the app from the French iTunes Store. Android users can do the same at the Android market.

Boil an egg with your iPhone

This egg timer iPhone app was created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky Europe for Swedish sandwich spread Kalles Kaviar.

The idea behind the app is to assist users in boiling the perfect egg. It even puts together a playlist, that when finished, means your egg is ready.

It’s clearly a hit with caviar/egg lovers as the app has already had more than 50,000 downloads and is the third most downloaded in the free app section in the Swedish iTunes AppStore.

Test drive a Volkswagen inside a print ad

Volkswagen in Norway is offering what it claims is the world’s first test drive inside a print ad. The ad, placed in several Norwegian magazines, presents a long stretch of road (there are summer and winter versions) and urges readers to download an app (developed by Mobiento) that lets you “drive” a car on the road by hovering your iPhone over it.

You can test three different features of the vehicle—lane assist, adaptive lights and cruise control. Sure, it’s not quite as immersive as a real test drive, but it’s a nice idea executed well. All that’s missing is a mini Darth Vader to pop up and deliver the tagline. 🙂

Levi Soundwash

TBWA\Tequila Hong Kong and Levi’s Hong Kong have invented a new way for their young audiences to express themselves with Soundwash, a concept developed for its Square Cut collection featuring five new styles of jeans.

Soundwash is a multi-dimensional interactive brand and music experience that lets the audience choose their favorite jeans style and then “Soundwash” the jeans to their favourite style of music including rock, hip hop and canto pop across multiple platforms.

Creatively, Soundwash cleverly rediscovers the authenticity of the classic American laundry and collides it with cutting-edge music styles to create a completely original brand experience using a Soundwash “machine”.

The concept is supported by limited edition packaging and gift accessories, a special Soundwash Laundry pop-up store in high traffic Tsim Sha Tsui, a branded iPhone game app, website and online viral video featuring local music band “Mr”.

The Soundwash iPhone app includes an engaging game where friends can compete with each other and see who can Soundwash the most number of jeans in 30 seconds. The top scorer of each week receives a pair of Levi’s Square Cut jeans.