Tokyo Shimbun AR Reader App

Connected devices such as smartphones and tablets have contributed to an explosion in digital media consumption. As these devices gain adoption, print newspapers around the world are seen suffering from declining readership and revenue. To combat this the Tokyo Shimbun along with Dentsu Tokyo came up with a new way to connect with readers. An Augmented Reality Reader app was created that brought to life the newspaper by overlaying educational versions of the articles for kids.

Gesture Sharing using Microsoft Surface

Amnesia Razorfish is back in the news with the launch of Amnesia Connect – a software which allows instant and seamless sharing and transfer of any content such as photos, music or embedded apps between multiple handheld devices using a Microsoft Surface table using a single gesture.

For the moment it uses the Surface’s Wifi to connect the devices and share in real time, while the table tracks each object’s position to give that seamless visual effect of content going in and out of the iPad/iPhone…

The Amnesia Connect software currently works with all Apple iOS devices and is being further developed to work seamlessly with Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry Smartphones.

In a world where smartphones are becoming omnipresent, this kind of software opens another world of ideas for brands!