A robot that provides a personal and meaningful human experience is set to become reality through Jibo, a 11 inch tall, 6 pound, swiveling circular robot. 😎 Friendly, helpful and intelligent, Jibo is the world’s first social robot for the family.

Here is a short demo video created for its crowdfunding campaign…

More infos on pre-ordering Jibo are available at www.myjibo.com.

Tokyo Shimbun AR Reader App

Connected devices such as smartphones and tablets have contributed to an explosion in digital media consumption. As these devices gain adoption, print newspapers around the world are seen suffering from declining readership and revenue. To combat this the Tokyo Shimbun along with Dentsu Tokyo came up with a new way to connect with readers. An Augmented Reality Reader app was created that brought to life the newspaper by overlaying educational versions of the articles for kids.