Playable Music Posters

Borders between media are blurring. Books are being swiped, magazines digitally scrolled and even in print one can today occasionally navigate. So it is no surprise when regular paper posters come to life on being combined with bluetooth, conductive ink, sensors and speakers.

Beck’s Playable Poster

Looking for an innovative way to mark New Zealand’s Music Month, Beck’s partnered with Shine to design a playable poster. Using conductive ink and speakers the posters were made playable with a simple tap of the finger…

The Sound of Taste

Herb and spice brand Schwartz is all about flavour. So to dramatise flavour which was invisible and silent, they got print tech collective Novalia and ad agency Grey London to collaborate on an interactive poster. The poster used conductive ink to turn the surface area of the paper into an interactive interface that also connected to the viewers smartphone to deliver a richer experience…

Change the tune

Agency Republic from UK, created a poster with an embedded sensor which when knocked changed the song being played on the agencies shared sound system…

Smart Apps

Here are two mobile apps that recently caught my eye…

Audi Start-Stop App

The Audi start-stop system turns off the engine when the car stops at a traffic light and turns it on again when the car starts. Using the same principle Audi along with DDB Spain created an Android app that detects which applications have been open longest without being used and sends an alert to the user to close them. Thus saving battery and making the phone a more efficient tool.

Reborn Apps

Many events create their own smartphone apps. But when the event is over, the apps lose their usefulness and are then hardly used. To give these apps a second life, Duval Guillaume got various Belgium organisations to push out an update which turned their event apps into a registration medium for organ donation.


Can you imagine playing a real-world version of Monopoly where ever you went, 24/7? Well, a bunch of students decided to do just that and created the below concept video.

The mashup of Foursquare and Monopoly has come out so well that I would not be surprised if Hasbro decided to buy the rights and develop the concept for real world gaming! In fact brands could also join in by creating virtual rewards that are redeemable for real world objects. 😎