Tokyo Shimbun AR Reader App

Connected devices such as smartphones and tablets have contributed to an explosion in digital media consumption. As these devices gain adoption, print newspapers around the world are seen suffering from declining readership and revenue. To combat this the Tokyo Shimbun along with Dentsu Tokyo came up with a new way to connect with readers. An Augmented Reality Reader app was created that brought to life the newspaper by overlaying educational versions of the articles for kids.


Making Future Magic

Dentsu London has made two new films with Berg as a part of an ongoing series of collaborations bringing to life the ideas behind their strategy Making Future Magic.

Both videos show the growing number and variety of media surfaces as a canvas…

“Incidental Media” demonstrates a vision for a future in which media surfaces are everywhere, but are used to be playful, informative and to better connect you to your friends and family.

“The Journey” focuses on some of the opportunities around travel in stations and on trains.


iButterfly – Location Based Coupons

Here is a great example of Online, Mobile and Shopper Marketing converging with Augmented Reality (AR)! Integrated Marketing literally put into the hands of the people!

Japanese ad agency Dentsu has started this experimental coupon download platform called iButterfly on the iPhone. The free iPhone app transforms the habit of collecting coupons into a fun little game using AR and the device’s GPS.

The app tasks its users with catching virtual butterflies that are flying around, each representing one or more coupons. You can even share “butterflies” with your friends via Bluetooth.

An entertaining way to deliver targeted promotional coupons on the mobile…