Tokyo Shimbun AR Reader App

Connected devices such as smartphones and tablets have contributed to an explosion in digital media consumption. As these devices gain adoption, print newspapers around the world are seen suffering from declining readership and revenue. To combat this the Tokyo Shimbun along with Dentsu Tokyo came up with a new way to connect with readers. An Augmented Reality Reader app was created that brought to life the newspaper by overlaying educational versions of the articles for kids.

Augmented Reality – Hyperlinking the real world

Is the end near for the QR code? It has been put to good use in countless innovative projects, but recently I am starting to see a drift towards technology that can produce similar results without the codes.

French company Capturio, lets users turn their t-shirts into a business card! Now Blippar in UK is creating augmented reality effects from printed images without any activation from a QR code. All the users needs to do is:

  1. download a custom app…in this case its from Blippar
  2. scan a Blippar enabled printed image (identifiable by a small Blippar logo) with their iPhone, iPad or Android device
  3. and begin interaction with the augmented reality 3D overlay seen on the screen…

In India I have seen Telibrahma using the same technology to increase the experiential engagements of brands via traditional mediums i.e. newspapers, posters etc.

The Airwalk Invisible Pop Up Store

GoldRun and Young & Rubicam have created the world’s first invisible pop-up store, bringing limited edition Airwalk sneakers directly to the biggest skate & surf spots in the country. Sneakerheads and skaters alike visited the virtual store at Washington Square Park in NYC and Venice Beach in LA.

Vodafone Buffer Busters

The Buffer Busters are the new Ghost Busters from Vodafone Germany. The telecom giant has launched an augmented reality mobile application that transforms German cities into a video game arena!

Starting from the brief “Vodafone is the fastest mobile network in Germany”, ad agency North Kingdom Stockholm has created a digital story revolving around so-called Buffer Monsters that represent everything slow in our everyday surroundings.

Users who play the game have to capture these monsters by using their iPhone or Android smart phones. When 50 monsters have been captured, the user needs to visit a near by Vodafone Store to dump them and continue playing. The best Buffer Busters will win a lifetime plan from Vodafone! 😎

The TVC supporting the initiative is also very well done…

For more details visit the campaign microsite.

AR gaming via chocolate bar packaging!

Cadbury has launched an Augmented Reality gaming app that is activated via their chocolate bar packaging! The game is called Spots v Stripes and it uses Blippar’s image recognition technology and AR app platform.

The game is pretty easy to play, all one has to do is smack the ducks as fast as one can. The best score can then be shared socially.