Happy Goggles

Today’s generation of kids are growing up in a world where smartphones and tablets are a part of their everday lifes. So to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Happy Meal, McDonald’s in Sweden decided to move with the times. This however did not require them to make radical changes. With a bit of ripping, folding and sliding they created the Happy Goggles – a unique VR viewer made from an ordinary Happy Meal box.

The limited edition Happy Goggles will be available from March 5th along with a virtual reality skiing game called “Slope Stars” [Download Link]. The game has been endorsed by the Swedish National Ski Team and provides a 360° ski experience, allowing the kids to open doors to a world of fantasy and fun, while learning how to stay safe on the ski slopes.

Inspiration Corridor

One of the biggest problems brick-and-mortar retailers face these days is that many consumers prefer the convenience of shopping online. So Klépierre, a European specialist in shopping center properties, decided to give customers a unique and personal window shopping experience that simultaneously advertised multiple brands available in its shopping center.

To enable this, body scanning technology was used to identify the customer and generate a selection of recommended products based on real-time inventory. The curated selection was then displayed on the walls around and the customer could simply tap the items to add them to their personal shopping list. In the end, the selections were synced with the Klépierre mobile app, which then geo-located the products within the mall.

Norwegian Red Cab

Norwegian Airlines created an interactive experience that enabled visitors in an Oslo shopping mall to control a New York City taxi in real-time. A special tour guide in the taxi also helped the interested visitors discover New York City while creating awareness around Norwegian Airlines direct long-haul destinations from Oslo to New York, Miami, LA, San Francisco, and Bangkok.

Quilmes Mitigol

Quilmes with their agency +Castro reinvented the classic game of foosball. In its new version they enabled Argentinians and Brazilians to play each other in real-time through a custom made digital foosball table.

Dubbed as “Mitigol”, one half of the table was placed in Argentina and the other half in Brazil. During the game, players could see their opponent via special in-built video cameras that further enhanced the real time experience of the game. As a prize, Quilmes gave away free beer.

The Goal Screen

To capitalize on the lead up of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazilian fast food chain Giraffas created a mobile game that turned their tray papers into a virtual soccer field. To play, the consumers had to rip the side of the paper tray, make a paper ball and flick it into their mobile screens. 😎

7 million tray papers were printed and the game was made possible by using the smartphone camera to recognize the ball distance, accelerometer to identify the trajectory of the kick and the microphone to recognize the area of the impact.

Macy’s first to use iBeacon

Apple is currently working to bring their iBeacon technology to retail stores around the world. But on November 20th, Shopkick deployed the first iBeacon system at Macy’s to beat Apple to the punch.

The technology, which is new to iOS 7, uses Bluetooth Low Energy signaling to enable micro-location services and is expected to be a huge hit with retailers. The technology allows stores to deliver targeted information (location-specific deals, discounts, recommendations, rewards etc) to further enhance the retail shopping experience of their customers. 😎

At Macy’s the technology is being called shopBeacon and is currently live in a closed beta trial at Macy’s Herald Square in New York and Union Square in San Francisco.

McDonald’s Free WiFi

In Spain, McDonald’s offers free WiFi to all its customers. Since the WiFi signal reaches quite far, customers in surrounding restaurants also tend to use the McDonald’s network. So McDonald’s decided to attract new customers via their own WiFi network. They simply changed the signals name into a message and embedded a promotion into it… 🙂

British Airways Barcode Reader Ad


Many Brazilians are unaware that British Airways (BA) flies to other destinations besides the UK. So to raise awareness, BA decided to spread the message at the very moment people considered traveling i.e. in the travel section of a book store.

To know the price of the books people at the book store had to scan them on a barcode reader. That is when these potential BA travellers received the message from the airline informing them to fly to other destinations with them.

Cadbury “Keep Our Team Pumped”

Training for the Olympics is tough and so Cadbury has come up with its loudest campaign to date…Keep Our Team Pumped. Here the supporters of the Great Britain Olympics team can sing a series of motivational iconic power anthems to keep their team motivated during their long, hard training sessions before the big event in 2012.

Cadbury will release six tracks (two seen below) over the next seven months and will culminate with a finale in March 2012, which will feature a medley of the six songs created by the British public and a performance to the athletes of Team GB in London.

The Final Countdown

Simply the Best

The integrated campaign involves recruiting singers through social media, followed by a TV Campaign airing on 3rd October and running for 6 weeks. There will also be radio partnerships, events and digital media with extra support on-pack and in-store, rallying the British public to keep singing.

To follow it all visit www.keepourteampumped.com.