The future of TV viewing

The TV viewing experience has not changed so drastically over the years. But with the development of sophisticated headsets like Microsoft HoloLens that is all set to change.

In a recently released video, Microsoft and NFL have successfully re-imagined how a Super Bowl game could be watched with multiple friends and family members…

While the video shows how immersive TV watching could get, Microsoft is not fast-tracking HoloLens for consumer consumption. For now, only developers can order HoloLens, which will ship this year. No one knows when consumers will get access to HoloLens or when scenarios like this will become a reality.

McDonald’s Pay With Lovin’

At the recently concluded Super Bowl, McDonald’s unveiled a new way to pay for meals starting February 2nd. Through a TV ad created by Leo Burnett they showed how they plan to ask random patrons to pay via simple acts of love i.e. calling their mother, hugging, doing a dance or praising their friends and family.

The new from of currency will be accepted right through till February 14th i.e. Valentine’s Day.

Super Bowl 2014 Ads

Super Bowl Sunday is the mecca of television advertising year after year. Advertisers on this day have a golden opportunity to create valuable brand buzz and recognition through astronomically priced 30 second television spots.

After having watched over 60 ads that used both time-tested and unconventional strategies to attract attention, I have come up with my most entertaining list… 😎

Budweiser – Puppy Love

Volkswagen – Wings

Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt – The Spill

Bud Light – Ian Up For Whatever

Heinz – If you are happy

Kia K900 – The Truth

Hyundai Genesis – Dad’s Sixth Sense

Duracell – Trust Your Power

Doritos – Time Machine

M&M’S – Delivery

Ian #UpForWhatever

Super Bowl ads are the miniature version of the film industry. There is huge money involved and brands are torn between creating something new and noteworthy or falling back on established formulas.

So for its 2014 Super Bowl Commercial, Bud Light threw in a ton of actors including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Cheadle, Minka Kelly and one unsuspecting normal guy called Ian Rappaport. The ad went on to become something truly to remember. 😎

Chevy’s guide to hacking the Super Bowl

Super Bowl is the biggest TV advertising day in USA. With over 50 advertisers competing for viewers attention, it is really difficult for brands to stand out from the crowd.

With smartphones and tablets in people’s hands, Chevy devised a new way to own the day. With “Chevy Game Time” they gave viewers a live second screen experience, that successfully distracted them from their competitors ads while making them watch the Chevy ads again and again on multiple screens. 😎

On game day 700,000 app users interacted in real time with the Chevy ads. All for a chance to win a Chevy. Each time one of the ads aired, viewers were encoraged to answer trivia questions about the ad. This got entire Super Bowl parties to watch the ads very closely, multiple times i.e. first on TV, then in the app, then on YouTube.

In a unique integration between app and live broadcast TV, every app user was given a personal license plate; and if they spotted their plate in the ads, the car was theirs. 🙂

As a result, Chevy ranked #1 in the Super Bowl buzz and their “Game Time” app became USA’s featured app on both Android and Apple app stores.