Augmented Reality in 2013

With smartphones and tablets becoming part of our everyday life, we will also see more Augmented Reality apps mixing the virtual and the real world in 2013. Here are some examples from ARworks that recently caught my eye…

Audi Singapore Showroom app

For the opening of their biggest showroom in South-East Asia, Audi created AR experiences that allowed visitors to fly around the showroom building without actually boarding a plane or drive the Audi R18 race car around Singapore at full speed without the risk of getting a ticket. Whats more, they even allowed visitors to personalize their individual license plates and then take photos with the car.

Dakar race in a shopping mall

A real Dakar desert racecourse was built for the new Opel Mokka on a 4mtrs long table that was placed in a shopping mall. Visitors could use the provided iPad’s to race against time and each other. The results were then shared on Facebook and the weekly and overall winners received various prizes.

Christmas Ornament Sling

Deutsche Telekom for their Christmas promotion developed an iPad app where visitors could throw virtual Christmas ornaments containing their personal message onto a huge Christmas tree erected in a mall. A successful hit to one of the real ornaments on the tree, lighted it up through an integrated server application.


Hologram Christmas Surprise

On November 18, Deutsche Telekom created a multi-city, multi-media spectacular featuring Maria Carey in hologram form! People in Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Poland believed they were witnessing Maria Carey live. After 10 minutes the Mariah hologram exploded into the sky and revealed the surprise. 😎 Mariah then reformed to lead all five countries in a rendition of the traditional carol “Silent Night”, then finishing with the all-time favorite “All I want for Christmas is You”.

The concert was attended by more than 12,000 people, and was seen by an additional 27,000 people across the globe via the live internet stream on

During the event, each city was satellite linked to the other, to enable interaction. People at the concert were also given a QR code that took them to a smartphone app of a candle flame.