Adidas Boost

The new boost technology in the running shoes from Adidas helps return energy to runners. To promote this, TBWA\Moscow developed a unique running project called “Charge the city with the energy of running”.

The project covered 4 running races i.e. Adidas Energy Run, Autumn Thunder, Color Run and the Moscow Marathon. All runners who participated in them were given mobile generators that transformed kinetic energy into electricity. The collected energy from these hundreds of runners was then channeled to illuminate a stadium in the town of Protvino that has had no light since 1984.

adidas Y-3 Interactive Live Stream

Since 2010 I have noticed a steady increase in innovations at fashion shows around the world. In this latest example Acne Production has created a cutting edge ‘Interactive Live Stream Experience’ for the adidas Y-3 Spring/Summer 2013 collection that was revealed at New York Fashion Week in September 2012. The show marked the 10th anniversary of adidas’ unique partnership with Yohji Yamamoto. Athletes, celebrities, and fashion mavens gathered at St John’s Center, which had been transformed by Dev Harlan’s 3D projections.

The team from Acne had setup the ‘Interactive Live Stream Experience’ with four different views on the runway. The online audience could magnify one view without losing perspective of the show as a whole, and pin each look to Pinterest.

Adidas × Giants “Digital Tryout”

Baseball fans in Japan are aging fast. Especially for the Yomiuri Giants whose percentage of young fans has dropped drastically. So to turn young Japanese people into Giants fans, Adidas along with ad agency Tbwa\Hakuhodo came up with an iPhone app called “Giants Tryout” where baseball fans could test 4 basic skills i.e. Pitch, Bat, Run, and Catch.

Throughout the baseball season fans competed with each other digitally. To raise the appeal of the app, the top 9 record holders were given the privilege to join the Giants training camp, share the field with the professional players and be part of a professional baseball team.

Meat Pack Hijack

Meat Pack is the trendiest shoe store in Guatemala that is known for its edgy and irreverent style. For their new discount promotion they created Hijack, a GPS based tracking enhancement of their official Meat Pack smartphone app.

Every time a customer entered the official store of one of the brands sold at Meat Pack, the app would trigger a special promotional message that gave the customer a chance to earn a discount that started at 99% and then decreased by 1% every second. The countdown stopped when the customer reached the store. 😎

As a result more than 600 costumers were hijacked from the competitors and all discounted merchandise were sold in record time. For generating more word of mouth, the app also automatically posted the customers successful discount redemption on their Facebook profile.

adiVerse Virtual Footwear Wall

The future of instore displays is here. With this example you will see how todays instore displays are evolving to meet our online experiences.

Adidas has created an in-store digital experience that showcases over 8,000 Adidas shoes. The technology can be easily deployed to allow almost any retailer to sell the entire Adidas product range without having to be a flagship store in a major city.

The experience is defined by a large footwear wall, made of multiple LCD touch screens that use facial recognition to detect a customers gender on approach to the wall. The adiVerse virtual footwear wall then customizes the product experience for that gender, and helps guide them to the perfect shoe. Alternatively it let’s them browse the entire range of products, with each shoe rendered in real-time 3D.

The most popular products in the range get the full content play i.e. videos, game stats, product specs and even twitter feeds. In the end customers can add their selected product into a virtual cart, and check out via an iPad that the store sales staff would have.