McDonald’s Ice Coupon Machine #imlovinit

McDonald’s in March launched a new campaign aimed to bring the world together by giving 24 gifts in 24 cities in 24 hours. This unique experiential marketing campaign got over 40,000 #imlovinit mentions, which was 850 times more than the daily average. The campaign was also seen trending globally on Facebook and Twitter. More notably it was the first time McDonald’s hit the top ten worldwide conversation volume on Twitter.

As seen in the above video, beachgoers in Rio de Janeiro got a unique surprise in the form of a slot machine. The slot machine contained a button that when pressed, gave the person a chance to win a McDonald’s treat. Then to win, the person had to perform a special task such as taking a selfie or performing a little dance. The winner got a redeemable ice coupon that needed to be rushed to the nearest McDonald’s store before it melted.

Adidas Boost

The new boost technology in the running shoes from Adidas helps return energy to runners. To promote this, TBWA\Moscow developed a unique running project called “Charge the city with the energy of running”.

The project covered 4 running races i.e. Adidas Energy Run, Autumn Thunder, Color Run and the Moscow Marathon. All runners who participated in them were given mobile generators that transformed kinetic energy into electricity. The collected energy from these hundreds of runners was then channeled to illuminate a stadium in the town of Protvino that has had no light since 1984.

The Urban Twitter

TBWA was the last agency to move to Lisbon’s advertising district. With their top competitors already there, they decided to showcase their creativity by turning 19 windows of their office into a 36m long twitter billboard.

The video below does not explain how exactly the people were encouraged to send in their tweets, but it does show that people tweeted about politics, taxes, Europe, Merkel’s visit etc. In the end all the window tweeting created quite a stir in the local media.

bpost: Live Webshop

bpost is Belgium’s biggest postal service. To prove their ability to deliver and to fend of new contenders in the market of delivery services, they decided to open a pop-up store bang in the center of Brussels.

A lot of must-have items were put on display, from smartphones to designer coffeemakers. But then the only way to buy them was through a special online auction where the prices of all products dropped every second. 😎

People had to act really fast to catch the items before someone else did. Once sold, the item was immediately picked up by a postman, right in front of the webcam, and delivered to the winning bidder. This way everyone could see for themselves how fast and reliable bpost was.

As a result the awareness of the specific service – bpack – rocketed to 65%. In 6 days 260,000 unique visitors were registered and for every hour the shop was online, bpost sold 8 products on an average.

A barrel for every Maes

Maes is Belgium’s second most popular beer and also Belgium’s 3rd most common surname. Since the market leader for beer in Belgium was outselling Maes 4 to 1, they decided to garner support from all the Maes families in Belgium by giving them a free barrel of beer.

The eligible families had to sign up for this special offer through a custom Facebook app that also allowed them to book a pub on a chosen date while inviting all their friends. The campaign was a huge success and pushed the Maes fanpage into 6% of the most active Facebook pages worldwide! 😎

Happy Holiday Videos 2012

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Now for a great start to 2013! 🙂

Taking off from my last post, here are a series of holiday action videos created by ad agencies around the world in their lead up to Christmas 2012…

Reindeer Races by VML Australia

A reindeer race where VML pited friends against friends, reindeer against reindeer, in a special Christmas showdown…

Maurice Lévy’s Digital Wishes by Publicis Groupe

Maurice Lévy, the chairman and chief executive of Publicis Groupe traditionally records a holiday greeting-card video. This year through a special deal with YouTube, Publicis modified the function buttons of the video player, and embed tricks into what seemed like another long boring address by an ad industry veteran…

Carol of the Bells by AKQA

To celebrate the holidays, AKQA teamed up with members of the Pacific Chamber Symphony and Music Director Lawrence Kohl to create a synchronized mobile orchestra…

TwinterWonderland by 360i

To celebrate the arrival of the holiday season and provide assistance to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, 360i wanted to do something big. So for every #TwinterWonderland tweet they received, 360i donated $5 to an aid organization helping with the post-Sandy cleanup effort…

25th Anniversary Holiday CompuCard by TBWA\TORONTO

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, TBWA\TORONTO brought in their digital expert from 1988 who then through an e-card tried to capture the spirit of their past along with their digital future…

Buzzed Buzzer by Havas Worldwide Chicago

The first New Years Eve noise maker that only works when you’re drunk…

Christmas carol played on food by FullSIX Spain

To wish happy new year to customers and friends, FullSIX transformed typical Spanish christmas food into a carol playing piano…

The Snow Machine by Weapon7

Passers-by were invited to Tweet #snow to @thesnowmachine Twitter account. For every tweet received the machine gave ten seconds of snow flurry. The event ran all day, was seen by thousands of people and generated over one thousand tweets…

SNCF Lyon to Brussels

France’s national state-owned railway ‘SNCF’ is back with another live event. This time with ad agency TBWA\Paris they have set out to promote the launch of their new direct Lyon (FR) to Brussels (BE) train route.

A 3 meter high cube was placed in Place de la République, Lyon with the message “Take a look at Brussels”. Passers-by who peaked into the hole were instantly transported to Brussels and greeted live by a Belgian music band. 🙂

Kenneth the Talking Vending Machine

Kenco Millicano’s whole bean instant coffee is the closest thing to a proper coffee from a vending machine. However people have a negative perceptions in general about drinking instant coffee from a machine. So to engage and excite people enough to want to substitute their traditional coffee shop coffee for an instant in a vending machine, Kenco Millicano along with Leo Burnett London came up with a talking vending machine. The voice for the machine was provided by comedian Mark Oxtoby, who spent a whole day in Soho Square interacting with passerby’s…

Similarly in Hong Kong, Levi’s along with ad agency TBWA came up with a talking phone booth dubbed the “Levi’s Summer Hotline”. In the booth two popular local radio hosts connected via video from a nearby Levi’s store and challenged visitors to answer questions or do crazy stunts. The crazier the stunt, the bigger the prize, which was printed out in the booth like a receipt to be redeemed at the nearby Levi’s stores. The booth got half a million people to enter and interact over a three day period, and drove sales up by 30%!

To see more examples of interactive vending machines click here.

Mini “Fan the Flame”

Mini along with ad agency TBWA\ created a social spectacle to increase the number of fans on their recently launched Mini Facebook page in Belgium and Luxemburg.

A Mini Countryman was attached to a thick rope in the parking lot of the “Brussels Motorshow” and a burner placed under the rope. Every Facebook fan was then encouraged to remotely initiate the burner and spit some flames on the rope. A webcam broadcasted the scene 24×7 and the Fan whose flame ultimately broke the rope was the one to win the Mini Countryman. 😎

Micra savvy with space

From under-the-seat shoe drawer to the extra large glovebox, the 2011 Nissan Micra makes the most out of what it’s got. So to reach drivers who value space savvy functionality, TBWA\RAAD Dubai created a banner that follows Micra’s lead. They created a banner so clever with space, that one could use the ad to sell ones car!