bpost: Live Webshop

bpost is Belgium’s biggest postal service. To prove their ability to deliver and to fend of new contenders in the market of delivery services, they decided to open a pop-up store bang in the center of Brussels.

A lot of must-have items were put on display, from smartphones to designer coffeemakers. But then the only way to buy them was through a special online auction where the prices of all products dropped every second. 😎

People had to act really fast to catch the items before someone else did. Once sold, the item was immediately picked up by a postman, right in front of the webcam, and delivered to the winning bidder. This way everyone could see for themselves how fast and reliable bpost was.

As a result the awareness of the specific service – bpack – rocketed to 65%. In 6 days 260,000 unique visitors were registered and for every hour the shop was online, bpost sold 8 products on an average.