BMW Christmas Safety Card

To wish their customers a new year of safe driving, BMW together with ad agency AIR and electronics company Selectron created a Christmas card that was meant to be hung in the car.

A micro sensor was built into the card to measure the driving behavior and react with a spoken message (Ho! Ho! Hooo! Just like Santa!) when the car was driven unsafely. The sensor measured the G-forces and reacted when the car accelerated too much, or when it braked or drove too quickly through bends.

These limited-edition Christmas cards were sent to members of the BMW M League who recently bought their car and participated in the BMW Track Days.

The Football Machine

Herta a German subsidiary of the Nestle Group, launched a new product in Belgium called Knacki FootBall – small meatballs that look like footballs.

Then at a local train station, they placed a vending machine that offered these meatballs for free. But what people did not know was that to get the free meatballs they had to play a game of football inside the vending machine against a Belgian football legend Leo Van Der Elst. The results…

Surprise wedding on a plane #FlightYes14

The secret to epic video marketing is to start with the smile of your audience, and then work back from there. So in their latest video marketing stunt, Thomas Cook Travel Belgium managed to do just that.

Thomas Cook asked their fans on Facebook, if given the chance, would they marry their love on a plane. From a number of replies, one lucky fan was chosen and an elaborate wedding for him was planed at 35,000 feet. The entire stunt was funded by Thomas Cook, while the airline and family did their part to make it all come together seamlessly. Here is a six and half minute video on how it all unfolded…

Pepsi Like Machine

Coca-Cola has created a whole bunch of innovative vending machines over the last couple of years. Pepsi on the other hand has created only a couple. Many of these soda vending machines I have featured here on Ramble.

Now to add to that collection here is Pepsi’s latest vending machine…dubbed the “Like Machine”, it is programmed to dispense soda to fans who “Like” the brand on Facebook via their smartphone or via the touchscreen on the machine.

Pepsi piloted the machine at a recent Beyonce concert in Antwerp, Belgium and has received a good response. So don’t be surprised if you see one popping up nearby at some point. 😉

bpost: Live Webshop

bpost is Belgium’s biggest postal service. To prove their ability to deliver and to fend of new contenders in the market of delivery services, they decided to open a pop-up store bang in the center of Brussels.

A lot of must-have items were put on display, from smartphones to designer coffeemakers. But then the only way to buy them was through a special online auction where the prices of all products dropped every second. 😎

People had to act really fast to catch the items before someone else did. Once sold, the item was immediately picked up by a postman, right in front of the webcam, and delivered to the winning bidder. This way everyone could see for themselves how fast and reliable bpost was.

As a result the awareness of the specific service – bpack – rocketed to 65%. In 6 days 260,000 unique visitors were registered and for every hour the shop was online, bpost sold 8 products on an average.

A barrel for every Maes

Maes is Belgium’s second most popular beer and also Belgium’s 3rd most common surname. Since the market leader for beer in Belgium was outselling Maes 4 to 1, they decided to garner support from all the Maes families in Belgium by giving them a free barrel of beer.

The eligible families had to sign up for this special offer through a custom Facebook app that also allowed them to book a pub on a chosen date while inviting all their friends. The campaign was a huge success and pushed the Maes fanpage into 6% of the most active Facebook pages worldwide! 😎

Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’

Febelfin, the Belgian federation for the financial sector, launched a campaign that urged people in Belgium to be vigilant about what they make available online. To drive home the message they recruited Dave, an extremely gifted clairvoyant who showcased his talent to a random sample of people. Just when the people started to believe in his talent, the magic behind the magic was revealed… 😎

Recruitment of Pirates and Cyber Warriors

Since 2010 I have covered how different agencies around the world have been innovating with their recruitment campaigns. Now here are the latest two to join the list…

Pirate Recruitment

Today young web designers need to buy very expensive application suites in order to create. So they usually download these suites on illegal pirate websites. Ogilvy Brussels used this insight and uploaded a file that was supposed to be a wanted application suite. When the web designers downloaded it, they did not find the new suite but a much stronger offer…


Cyber Warriors Challenge

Wieden+Kennedy wanted to recruit community managers for its client Old Spice. So they came up with a crazy/fun/impossible idea. Candidates were given 5 days to complete one or more challenges listed below and then submit proof of their exploits…

SNCF Lyon to Brussels

France’s national state-owned railway ‘SNCF’ is back with another live event. This time with ad agency TBWA\Paris they have set out to promote the launch of their new direct Lyon (FR) to Brussels (BE) train route.

A 3 meter high cube was placed in Place de la République, Lyon with the message “Take a look at Brussels”. Passers-by who peaked into the hole were instantly transported to Brussels and greeted live by a Belgian music band. 🙂

Flashmob Marketing Hits – April 2012

Flashmob marketing has been quite a fad in the last weeks. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, a flashmob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time and then disperse. The whole act is normally recorded on video and then put on the web to generate more buzz.

So here are this months flashmobs hits…

Daily dose of drama

To launch their new digital channel in Belgium, TNT placed a big red push button in a quiet Flemish square. A sign with the text “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button. And then…

The worst breath in the world

Tic Tac has come up with a great flashmob idea that is bound to make you smile and cover your mouth while you do it! While giving directions to a lost tourist in a bustling square a series of targets have no idea that they are about to set off a chain reaction that looks apocalyptic…

The Wouaaah Effect

For its Q10 Plus product, Nivea in France created a fun flashmob on the streets of Paris. In this video released by their team, an unsuspecting woman is seen stopping at a sampling stand and trying some Nivea cream. After she walks on she is suddenly faced with a series of people lavishing her with attention…