Hyundai Elantra ‘Driveway Decision Maker’

The Hyundai Elantra was named 2012 North America Car of the Year. Then Hyundai came out with 2 new Elantra models i.e. the Coupe and the GT and the purchase decision got harder. So to make it an easy decision once again, they created a Driveway Decision Maker.

By combining Google Street View, projection mapping and real-time 3D animation, Hyundai enabled prospective buyers to actually see what an Elantra would look like in their own driveway.

Try the Driveway Decision Maker yourself at

Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion Roulette

Volkswagen has turned the E6, the Norwegian equivalent to Route 66, into a real time online game of roulette using Google Maps.

Ad agency Try from Oslo devised this game in order to highlight the main feature i.e. the low fuel consumption of the new Golf BlueMotion car, in a meaningful and memorable way to the consumers.

In the BlueMotion Roulette game users were asked to place their bets on how far a Golf BlueMotion could run on a single tank of fuel. If the car stopped on their selected spot, they would win it! Each user could only have one guess, so in order to maximize their chance, they had to find out more about the car. 😎

HTML 5 YouTube Banner

At the recent DoubleClick HTML 5 Banner Challenge, Biborg Interactive & Alpha Layer from France came up with an innovative HTML 5 banner demo that invited users to fly over France by hot air balloon, discovering famous places, such as the Effel Tower, Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille or Le Château de Versailles from the sky.

The rich media banner utilised a number of HTML 5 features, like the W3C Geolocation standard, WebGL, Audio and Video tags, along with some great Google Maps integration, to help bring the idea to life.

Google Maps Racing Advergame

Mini France has managed to successfully offer a virtual Mini experience with the help of a Social / Google Maps mash-up advergame called “Mini Maps”.

With DDB Paris and Unit9 they created a Facebook app that lets you customize a virtual Mini and then challenge Facebook friends to time trials around the world through Google Maps. In the challenge you are racing your friends over satellite images of your favorite locations around the world!