The Friendly Preroll Campaign


How do you make a sitcom like Friends, which went off the air 12 years ago—a year before YouTube even existed—seem relevant to YouTube users today?

Netflix who had recently acquired the rights to stream all 10 seasons, decided to launch a nostalgic Pre-Roll campaign by tagging thousands of videos with “Friends” clips. The insight being: no matter what you search for on YouTube, there is always something in “Friends” related to it.

The Cleanest Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the most used social networks worldwide. With billions of tweets being generated everyday, Spontex, a French homecare brand found it to be a mess.

To fight dirt online and at the same time have the cleanest Twitter account in the world, they created @SpontexFrance and started tweeting in white. This not only gave their Twitter timleine a spotless look, it got people talking about their unique Twitter account.

At first glance, the tweets from the account seemed to be blank. Clicking the tweets unlocked the secret messaging behind them. In some cases the first person to favourite the tweet won free products from Spontex.

Sounds of the City


To encourage people to use the train to go and explore nearby cities, railway service Thalys created three interactive billboards. Each billboard represented a city, and each was host to more than 1000 unique sounds from that city.

Pedestrians who walked past these billboards were invited to plug in with their personal headphones and start exploring. So instead of using their headphones to block out the city, they were made to use it to rediscover one.


People love to be the first to notice problems. With this insight, Volkswagen did the unthinkable. They purposely misspelled their name on the LED screens during the France vs Brasil football match in Stade de France, Paris.

With 6 million TV viewers and 80,000 spectators it was very unlikely that something like “Wolkswagen” would go un-noticed. The live stunt worked like a charm and helped Volkswagen successfully announce themselves as the new major partner of French football.

The Erasable Billboard

Today more than 75 million girls across the world are forced to go to work and not school. Most of the time only boys have access to education in less privileged countries. So charity organisation Plan along with CLM BBDO created an erasable billboard with an illustration that could be erased to reveal another illustration. The billboard was put up in a central location in Paris and Berlin. Passersby in both locations were given a chance to make a donation in exchange for a rubber that could be used to erase the drawing. The results…

Scrabble WiFi

There are places in Paris where you can’t get any Internet connection. So Ogilvy Paris setup free Wifi hotspots in these areas and incentivised people to make use of the wifi by first playing a short game of ‘Scrabble WiFi’.

Once the user proved his spelling skills, the score from the word was converted into free wifi minutes. The higher you scored, the longer the connection. Sharing the score on Facebook also doubled the connection time.

Axa Crazy Driver

To raise people’s awareness and make them realize that nobody wants to pay for bad drivers. Axa decided to play a trick on people with the help of a little old lady.

On an ordinary market day in a small, tranquil French town, an old lady was seen getting out of her parking space. In the process she knocked almost everything in her way before crashing into a line of market stalls. With the reveal being…

Mikado Resistance Test

The famous red button is back. 🙂 This time crunchy biscuit sticks brand Mikado has used it to launch their Resistance Test campaign.

A shopping mall in France was selected and passers-by were asked if they should always accept a free packet of Mikado. Then to get the free packet people were invited to press the red button. As soon as they pressed the button and took the package, they fell into a trap… 😎

Orange Instagallery

Here is the latest campaign to break on Instagram. Orange in France launched a new hi-speed network and created an ‘Instagallery’ to promote it.

With the help of Cake Paris, Orange targeted influential instagramers by pulling their photos into a staged photo exhibition in Los Angeles. Then they created short films with awkward comments made on the photos by people walking through the gallery. The short films were then sent to the influential instagramers who then shared it with their followers and in turn created free buzz for Orange France.