Hyundai Elantra ‘Driveway Decision Maker’

The Hyundai Elantra was named 2012 North America Car of the Year. Then Hyundai came out with 2 new Elantra models i.e. the Coupe and the GT and the purchase decision got harder. So to make it an easy decision once again, they created a Driveway Decision Maker.

By combining Google Street View, projection mapping and real-time 3D animation, Hyundai enabled prospective buyers to actually see what an Elantra would look like in their own driveway.

Try the Driveway Decision Maker yourself at

Volkswagen Street Quest

Since 1951, South Africans have loved Volkswagen. In fact, you’ll probably find one on every street, road, highway and byway in the country. So Volkswagen along with Ogilvy Cape Town created an advergame that not only celebrated the impact Volkswagen had on South African streets, but also kickstarted Volkswagen South Africa’s Facebook Page.

‘Volkswagen Street Quest’ was a Facebook challenge to find as many Volkswagens as possible on South African streets using Google Street View in a custom-designed gaming interface. The campaign ran for over 4 weeks and the players with the most Pins from each week qualified for a real life Street Quest challenge. The results…