Cornetto Commitment Rings

Netflix has taken the world by storm, transforming itself from a mail order DVD company into a streaming behemoth that uses immense amount of internet bandwidth worldwide. This in turn has led to a cultural phenomenon called Binge-watching, where you tend to watch 2-6 episodes of the same TV show in one sitting.

The insight ice-cream maker Cornetto had to this cultural phenomenon was that over 28 million Netflix users have binge-watch cheated on their loved ones. 21% of them did it while the other person was asleep, while 12% of them re-watched the show with their loved ones. So Cornetto to fix this “Netflix infidelity” created a pair of smart wearable rings that blocked access to the shows unless the two were watching them together.

The rings had to connect to the smartphone over NFC, and then through an app users would have to register the shows they wanted to watch together. After that, both parties would have to be present, and have their Commitment Rings nearby, to be able to play a new episode from any of the saved shows.

At the moment there aren’t any pricing details or release dates for this particular wearable, so you’ll have to keep checking the Series Commitment website for more details about it, or register with the site to receive more information about the product.

McDonald’s Happy Table

For the first time ever, McDonald’s Singapore customers can transform an ordinary table at the outlet into McDonaldLand for their kids. All they have to do is download and launch the McParty Run app [Google Play link] on a NFC-enabled mobile and place it on the table to immediately transform it into an interactive racing track for their kids.The kids can then zip around the table to harvest burgers, collect fries and fight baddies like Hamburglar and Captain Crook. 🙂

The Happy Table experience has been created by the DDB Group and is currently being run as a pilot at select outlets across Singapore.

Lexus NFC Enabled Print Ad

Brands like Mercedes Benz, Reporters Without Borders, Volkswagen etc have all been working hard to create clutter breaking and engaging print ads.

In this latest example of an interactive print ad, Wired magazine and Lexus have teamed up to create what they say is the first mass-produced print ad embedded with a NFC tag. The ad, which could be found in 500,000 subscriber copies of Wired’s April issue, allowed readers who have NFC enabled phones to access a demo of the Lexus GS 2013’s Enform App Suite simply by holding their phone up to the ad.