Nike Phenomenal Shot

Social media and mobile devices have driven fundamental changes in consumer behavior and opened up new avenues for consumers to engage with brands. The need to move faster is greater now than it has ever been. Hence more and more brands around the world have been learning from social media and deploying real time digital and traditional media strategies.

During the recently concluded World Cup in Brazil, Google teamed up with Nike to generate eight different real time campaigns that allowed fans to celebrate, remix and share memorable sports moments, just seconds after they happened. As a result Nike got over two million fan interactions across 200 different countries.

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The Last Game

In a build up to the first match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Nike Football has released a five minute animated film that features some of the world’s greatest footballers on a mission to save football from the hands of a villainous mastermind, The Scientist.

In a future where brilliant football has ceased to exist and the game has become almost extinct. Brazilian legend Ronaldo (O Fenómeno) decides enough is enough and goes on a mission to reignite the game with brilliant football with the help of a re-assembled group of the world’s most brilliant players.

In the final minutes of the film, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Neymar Júnior, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Andrés Iniesta, David Luiz, Franck Ribéry, Tim Howard and Ronaldo Fenomeno are seen battling the ‘perfect’ football clones in a winner take all match. 😎

Nike Football “My time is now”

During the 2012 European Championship, Nike worked with their agency DoubleYou to conduct a real-time social media monitoring campaign that captured the conversations relating to Spanish football players sponsored by Nike. The data collected was then tabulated in the backend and the players were assigned points. These points were then displayed to the fans via a custom Facebook app. At the end the leading player was set to bear Nike’s message of “My Time Is Now”.

And the player was…


Not too long ago, talent determined greatness. Today, talent is a given, but training is what separates the exceptional from the merely promising. So to help athletes everywhere reach their true potential through better training, Nike along with ad agency R/GA New York created an immersive digital experience for the SPARQ program (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, and Quickness). Athletes could now follow the same training regimens as professional athletes through detailed, customized video demonstrations delivered via iPods or handheld video players that made it accessible anywhere. The SPARQ website also let athletes set goals, track progress, find Nike SPARQ Trainers across the country, get an official SPARQ rating, and purchase gear.

Meat Pack Hijack

Meat Pack is the trendiest shoe store in Guatemala that is known for its edgy and irreverent style. For their new discount promotion they created Hijack, a GPS based tracking enhancement of their official Meat Pack smartphone app.

Every time a customer entered the official store of one of the brands sold at Meat Pack, the app would trigger a special promotional message that gave the customer a chance to earn a discount that started at 99% and then decreased by 1% every second. The countdown stopped when the customer reached the store. 😎

As a result more than 600 costumers were hijacked from the competitors and all discounted merchandise were sold in record time. For generating more word of mouth, the app also automatically posted the customers successful discount redemption on their Facebook profile.

Nike Jordan Melo Water Projection

I have seen tons of really cool projection mapping events in the last year or so. In fact I even have a small collection of the noteworthy ones at my YouTube Channel.

In this latest example, Nike has tried to do something different with projection mapping for their new Jordan Melo M8 shoe. They have created the entire projection on water fountains, which complement the movement and desired effects to create something pretty special for the eyes…

Nike Take Mokum

Boondoggle Amsterdam came up with a campaign for Nike that made running less serious. They distracted youngsters from their boring running schedules and challenged them to release their creativity on Amsterdam by using their feet as paint instead!

A Facebook app called ‘Take Mokum’ (Amsterdam’s local nickname) was developed that allowed runners to make digital graffiti’s on the map of Amsterdam. All they had to do was actually run the route and upload their KMs with Nike+. The app would then paint the graffiti for them. These graffiti’s could then be shared, and liked fanatically. The result? Young Amsterdam starting running and Nike’s mission to change running was actually experienced by youngsters.

Republica Popular do Corinthians

Corinthians, a Brazilian football club, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010. Nike decided to give the club’s more than 30 million fans a gift that would measure up: a new country called “Republica Popular do Corinthians”. In number of inhabitants this new country was bigger then 150 other countries in the world.

To guarantee the recognition of Republica Popular do Corinthians as a country, ad agency Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi from Sao Paulo developed everything a nation has i.e. a coat of arms, documents, legislation, a flag, currency, heroes and an embassy. Even a president was appointed. The campaign generated free media coverage worth $7,800,000!

Nike Air Digital Installation

Here is an awesome new Digital Installation for Nike by +Castro and BBDO Argentina. The installation brings to life the “Air” with a levitating shoe platform that suspends the new range of Nike Air shoes instore!

The cool thing about this is that if you are in store, or even online at The Nike Air Show, you’ll get to race the Nike Air shoes live by blowing into a microphone that takes the volume of air you are blowing and translates that into power for your Nike Air race!

A superb installation and integration between in-store and online.